Churchgoers are leaving one denomination in droves for this stunning reason

    The Left are openly hostile toward religion.

    Christianity has been under constant assault for decades.

    Now, churchgoers are leaving one denomination in droves for this stunning reason.

    The scourge of “wokeness” has touched all corners of American culture, including the Christian church.

    Denominations and churches have embraced leftist ideas that are in direct contravention of biblical teaching.

    Such tension has caused a rift in the United Methodist Church (UMC), and over 100 churches have filed a lawsuit to resolve property disputes as part of their break from the church.

    The Daily Wire reported that “more than 100 Florida churches have joined a lawsuit against a regional body of the United Methodist Church (UMC), seeking fair terms for leaving the denomination over LGBTQ issues. The group of congregations filed the suit on July 14 against the UMC’s Florida Annual Conference in the Circuit Court for the Eighth Judicial Circuit for Bradford County, Civil Division…The issue hit a high point when Kenneth Carter, Resident Bishop of the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church, refused to enforce actions against an openly lesbian bishop in St. Petersburg…”

    Churches were once viewed as holders of traditional values, but the Left leave no stone unturned.

    Some churches have become overtly political with their embrace of the neo-Marxist Black Lives Matter movement and radical transgenderism.

    Many Catholics and Christians have begun sharply calling out the politicization.

    Wesleyan Covenant Association (WCA) Florida President Jay Therrell said in a statement, “We are not leaving The United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Church has left us…After a decades-long rise of theological liberalism, the selective enforcement of our denominational laws, and a strong surge in the promotion of partisan politics, our churches long for the day of being able to unite with like-minded Christians who focus on sharing the Good News of Jesus and help people to be transformed by His salvation.”

    Leftism is incompatible with other faiths because it is a secular religion.

    Many are rejecting the encroachment of the expansionist left-wing dogma.

    The Daily Wire added, “The churches in dispute are part of a movement of more conservative congregations within the UMC that oppose the denomination’s efforts to condone same-sex marriage ceremonies and ordain LGBTQ clergy members. The denomination’s Book of Discipline holds that same-sex activity is ‘incompatible with Christian teaching’ and bans participation in same-sex wedding ceremonies…In May, 107 Florida congregations announced plans to join the newly formed Global Methodist Church (GMC) as a theologically conservative alternative to the traditional United Methodist Church.”

    For decades, leftists have been on the move while nobody was paying attention.

    But now the problem has reached a crisis point and people are doing what they can to stop churches from being completely overrun with secularism.

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