Chuck Schumer was furious after another shocking bombshell dropped about this swing state Democrat

Democrats are stumbling into the Midterms.

Americans have had two years to see what the country looks like with full Democrat control in Washington, D.C. – and they aren’t impressed.

But Chuck Schumer was furious after another shocking bombshell dropped about this swing state Democrat.

Joe Biden’s first two years in office have been a disaster.

Due to a 50-50 tie in the Senate with Vice President Kamala Harris as the tiebreaker, Biden has been able to pass insane spending bills that are pouring gasoline on the worst inflationary crisis in 40 years.

Democrats are hoping to pick up a Senate seat with Pennsylvania Republican Pat Toomey retiring, but candidate John Fetterman is fading fast.

Fetterman had an early big lead over Republican challenger Mehmet Oz, but the more Pennslvanians see of Fetterman, the less they like.

And apparently they didn’t see much of him in his role as Lieutenant Governor.

The Associated Press reviewed his calendar, and found that he was a no-show for a big portion of his time.

Fox News reported that “Democratic Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman has pointed to his work as the state’s current lieutenant governor as he campaigns for a job in Washington, D.C., but an Associated Press review of his time in that position shows a noticeably light workload. The examination – which focused exclusively on the time prior to Fetterman’s stroke in May 2022 – showed that for nearly one-third of his workdays, he had an empty schedule. An AP report said that days that had activity in Fetterman’s schedule showed that the lieutenant governor only had four to five hours of work in a typical day . . . Fetterman’s 2021 schedule showed 115 days with no listed events or other activities. From late June to mid-September of that year, the report said, his schedule was ‘largely blank,’ showing only 11 hours of work accounted for. In 2022, prior to his stroke, Fetterman’s schedule had 70 days with nothing on it.”

Fetterman has portrayed himself as a man of the people, constantly wearing jeans and a hoodie wherever he goes.

However, his record and his background paint an entirely different picture.

Fetterman mooched off his parents well into his 40s, and his sister sold him a $70,000 loft for $1.

He also got caught going on vacation to the beach when he was promoting COVID lockdowns.

The fact that Fetterman had a stroke and struggles to speak might not even be the most disqualifying aspect about him.

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