Chuck Schumer was floored when a Republican candidate made this surprising move

Chuck Schumer is on the ropes going into November’s Midterm elections.

His dream of keeping control of the Senate is fading. 

And Chuck Schumer was floored when a Republican candidate made this surprising move.

In early 2021, Democrats took control of the Senate after winning two extremely narrow runoff elections in Georgia.

Once again, the Senate race in Georgia this fall could decide which party controls the chamber after November’s Midterm elections.

Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) is fighting for his political life after he narrowly won a special election in the January 2021 runoff.

Republican candidate and former Georgia Bulldogs football star Herschel Walker has the momentum on his side going into election day.

Now Democrats are trying to drum up a phony controversy over Walker’s work with law enforcement trying to falsely claim he lied about his credentials.

Walker worked as a volunteer in the Cobb County, Georgia sheriff’s office for years and earned an honorary badge.

Crime is becoming a major issue in the campaign as Georgia grapples with a crime tsunami unleashed by Democrats’ pro-crime policies. 

Warnock is getting hammered in TV ads for his support of pro-crime policies and ties to the defund the police movement.

During a recent debate with Walker, Warnock lashed out at his challenger for using “fake” police badges to tout his pro-law enforcement position.

Walker pulled out his honorary police badge to show the audience, which left Democrats seething.

Sheriffs throughout Georgia have given Walker honorary badges.

Now, the Walker campaign is turning the tables on Warnock with a new fundraising move.

Walker’s campaign ordered 1,000 plastic imitation police badges that say “I’m with Herschel” to use as a fundraising tool.

They hope to hand out the badges at a crime-related event with law enforcement officials in Macon, Georgia.

“Herschel Walker has been a friend to law enforcement and has a record of honoring police,” said Gail Gitcho, the Walker campaign strategist who ordered the badges Saturday.

“If Sen. Warnock wants to highlight this, then bring it on,” Gitcho added. “It just gives us a chance to talk about Herschel’s support of law enforcement and law enforcement’s support for him. It’s a great issue for us.”

Walker left Democrats’ heads spinning by turning the bogus attacks on him into a fundraising tool.

Sheriffs in Georgia back Walker’s use of the honorary badge while campaigning because of his support for law enforcement.

With crime becoming a major issue in the Georgia Senate race, Herschel Walker’s strong support for law enforcement could give him the crucial edge he needs for victory.

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