Chuck Schumer turned white as a ghost after he got hit with this devastating news

Chuck Schumer finally achieved his dream of becoming Senate Majority Leader.

Now his life is filled with headaches from Democrat infighting.

And he turned white as a ghost after he got hit with this devastating news.

The Biden era was supposed to be a high point for Democrats.

But less than a year into his Presidency his regime is collapsing.

The fallout from the fiasco of the Biden regime is now starting to drag down the whole party.

With 50 seats and Kamala Harris breaking ties, Chuck Schumer’s control of the Senate is by the narrowest of margins.

He can’t afford to lose a single seat and he got hit with some dreadful news from a leading Democrat Super PAC.

Senate Majority PAC conducted polling of many of the expected battleground states that will determine Senate control next year: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Georgia, and Nevada.

They found that Biden’s approval rating in these crucial states stood at 41% with 52% disapproving.

Even worse for Democrats, among persuadable voters Biden’s approval rating is at 27% compared to 57% disapproval.

An earlier poll by the PAC in May had Biden at 49% approval to 43% disapproval.

The honeymoon is clearly over for the Biden regime with his approval rating in free fall.

In the battleground states that will decide Senate control, Biden is poised to be an anvil around the necks of vulnerable Democrats.

An unnamed Democrat offered Politico an unusually blunt assessment of Senate Democrats’ fortunes after seeing the news.

He said, “It’s going to be really rough, and I really worry about some of our Senators.”

This is the latest internal polling showing a bleak future for Democrats.

An earlier poll conducted by House Democrats showed Biden’s approvals underwater in key swing Congressional districts throughout the country.

With the Biden blunders piling up, this could be the start of a red wave that could end Chuck Schumer’s control of the Senate.

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