Chuck Schumer says the filibuster is gone if the GOP doesn’t back this radical Democrat bill

Democrats are starting to get worried.

Joe Biden has turned into a disaster of a President and many of the agenda items the party promised to push through are running up against a wall.

Now, Chuck Schumer says the filibuster is gone if the GOP doesn’t back this radical Democrat bill.

Democrats ended up with egg on their face at the end of 2021 when members of their own party stopped the passage of Biden’s socialist Build Back Better plan.

After a few weeks off to collect himself, Chuck Schumer has decided to declare war on the Republicans if they don’t do exactly what he asks of them.

On Monday, Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer announced that the chamber will debate eliminating the filibuster in the coming weeks if Republicans don’t join the Democrats in passing a sweeping voter integrity law.

The filibuster has long been a bone of contention in Congress with many elected officials often flip-flopping on their support for the historical – including Schumer.

The filibuster is designed to empower the minority party and back in 2005, when Democrats were in the minority, Schumer said killing the filibuster would “be a doomsday for democracy.”

Of course, now that the filibuster could kill all of Schumer’s left-wing dreams he hates it and thinks it’s racist.

Nice about-face, Chuck.

Democrats have affectionately named this supposed “voting reform” bill the Freedom to Vote Act, when in fact it is nothing more than a maneuver by Democrats to steal more elections.

The proposed bill broadens mail-in voting and almost totally does away with voter identification requirements.

Worse it overrides state laws.

The bill is horrible and nothing more than a way for Democrats to make sure they have absolute and total control of the country.

It isn’t just Republicans, however, that Schumer has an issue with on the voting bill.

Moderate Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema has stated that she has no interest in overhauling the institution of the filibuster to pass the voting bill.

Much like a child playing a board game, Schumer wants to change the rules because he’s not winning.

The scary part is if Schumer gets his way this could truly mean the end of democracy as we know it.

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