Chuck Schumer saw the writing on the wall when he learned what’s happening across the country

Joe Biden and the Democrats are flailing in the polls.

They’re grasping at any narrative to drive voter turnout.

But Chuck Schumer saw the writing on the wall when he learned what’s happening across the country.

MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch said the quiet part out loud during a segment on Morning Joe when he explained, “[M]ake it the Republican replacement theory, mainstream it. Because this is the way – you have to scare. We don’t have the economy on our side as Democrats, so you have to scare the bejesus out of people.”

Democrats don’t have the economy or any other major policy issue on their side, so they have to fear-monger about abortion, guns, and white supremacy.

But so far, the Democrats’ tactics are not working.

Republicans have been experiencing high voter turnout in primary races, particularly in important swing states like Georgia.

Voter turnout being nearly twice as high in a Midterm election than in a Presidential election speaks to how fed up voters are with the Democrats.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that a significant number of Democrats voted GOP in the open primary.

The AJC stated that “election guru Mark Niesse crunched the numbers and determined about 7% of Georgia voters who have cast GOP ballots so far previously pulled a Democratic ballot two years ago. That’s about 16,000 voters of the roughly 237,000 who voted in the Republican primary.”

Some on the Left have tried to argue that the number simply represents Democrats strategically voting for certain Republicans, but that does not track with the trends witnessed during 2021 off-year elections.

Republicans made big gains in races across the country, primarily because of COVID lockdowns and radical curricula in schools.

The turnout in Georgia also undercuts the pervasive narrative that voter suppression is rampant in the state.

The voter suppression lie is nonsense, but it’s perfectly acceptable for Democrats to run with it and claim that Stacey Abrams was actually the duly elected Governor of Georgia in 2018.

Abrams will have her chance to prove it when she gets a rematch with Brian Kemp, but the polls are not in her favor.

She is projected to lose by a lot more than the 50,000-vote margin she lost by in 2018.

Democrats can fear-monger all they want, but the Americans are beginning to see through all of their lies.

The red wave is beginning to look inevitable at this point.

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