Chuck Schumer just shockingly gave up the globalists’ master plan on immigration

Joe Biden’s immigration policy has been a complete disaster.

And that’s precisely how the Democrats want it.

Now Chuck Schumer just shockingly gave up the globalists’ master plan on immigration.

A big part of Donald Trump’s platform in 2016 was getting immigration under control.

He pledged to build a wall and began construction on border barriers in various sectors, but he was obstructed by Democrats and establishment Republicans every step of the way.

It turns out that the Washington, D.C. Swamp is very much in favor of illegal immigration into America.

The donor class of both parties gets cheap labor, and the Democrats get future voters because first-time immigrant voters favor the Democrats by 80%.

Border hawks who oppose unfettered immigration into the country get smeared as racists and conspiracy theorists.

But New York Senator Chuck Schumer just blurted out what the establishment’s goal was with immigration.

During a press event, Schumer said, “Now more than ever, we’re short of workers, we have a population that is not reproducing on its own with the same level that it used to. The only way we’re gonna have a great future in America is if we welcome and embrace immigrants, the DREAMers and all of them because our ultimate goal is to help the DREAMers, but get a path to citizenship for all 11 million – or however many – undocumented there are here.”

This is a mind-blowing statement on multiple fronts.

First, Schumer is effectively espousing the Great Replacement Theory – the idea that globalist elites want to replace the native-born population with immigrants – which was used to smear everyone on the Right after the horrific shooting in Buffalo.

Here is a leading Democrat saying out loud that America’s birth rate is below replacement level, and illegal aliens are needed to fill in the gap.

By the way, it’s the Left who promote the idea of Americans having fewer kids.

There are constant think-pieces in outlets like The New York Times that talk about how having kids is immoral because of the impact on the planet.

Some virtue-signaling leftists are even pledging not to have children.

So they promote people having fewer kids – and aborting their babies for economic reasons – while also pushing for mass migration into the country.

And when Schumer said “however many,” he was acknowledging that the 11 million figure that always gets trotted out is bogus.

Immigration experts put the real number between 20 and 30 million.

Schumer, either out of stupidity or arrogance, laid out the Left’s entire agenda.

But Democrats and the regime media will continue to gaslight the American people on the issue.

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