Chris Christie Just Drove A Stake Into Biden’s Presidency

Joe Biden and the Democrats have brought undue suffering to the American people for a full year.

That’s why Biden’s job approval ratings continue to tank.

And Chris Christie just drove a stake into Biden’s presidency.

Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie succinctly exposed the failure of the Biden administration during a devastating interview with ABC News host George Stephanopoulos.

Christie explained that Biden’s handling of COVID has been a disaster, which ironically is why he got elected.

COVID caused an economic hit, it allowed Biden to sit in his bunker and not campaign, and it gave the corporate press a constant narrative with which to attack Donald Trump.

Christie pointed out that Biden oversold and under-delivered on COVID:

On numerous occasions, Biden promised to defeat the virus.

Anyone with any understanding of infectious disease knew that was a preposterous claim, but the so-called mainstream media allowed him to get away with it nevertheless.

Now polls show that Biden is under water on his handling of COVID.

Not only has Biden not defeated the virus, he has made Americans’ lives miserable in the process.

Biden’s unconstitutional mandates have jeopardized the livelihoods of millions.

And parents are anxious to get their children back in schools after seeing how substandard distance learning was.

However, the Biden administration has catered to the teachers’ unions who are avoiding work like a child avoids going to the dentist.

The Biden administration even allowed the unions to set COVID policy with regard to returning to in-person learning.

Now even some people in the corporate press are beginning to admit that the edicts coming from Biden and the COVID regime are nonsense.

The Left are finally admitting that the vaccines do not stop the virus dead in its tracks as propagandists like Rachel Maddow promised.

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