Chevy shocked Americans by announcing plans for a fully electric version of this iconic car

    First, Ford announced they were producing a fully electric F-150 truck.

    Now Chevy has joined in the scramble to appease the woke green radical leftists.

    And Chevy shocked Americans by announcing plans for a fully electric version of this iconic car.

    America’s car manufacturers are racing to see which can cave in first to every aspect of the radical leftists and their socialist “Green New Deal” schemes.

    They want nothing less than to force all Americans into urban environments and to prevent us from traveling long distances.

    Or at least prevent us from traveling with ease.

    The issue is not the environment, “saving the planet,” or even reducing carbon emissions.

    Rather the radical greenies want nothing less than socialist control over all of us.

    And what better way to gain and keep control than to make sure we can’t travel with the freedom Americans have always enjoyed.

    If they truly cared about the environment, they wouldn’t be pushing electric vehicles that use up more natural resources than traditional combustible engines.

    For example, Ford’s F-150 truck electric model goes a whopping 300 miles between charges, which requires charging from a battery made from nickel, cobalt, aluminum, and manganese – all natural resources, which must be mined from the earth.

    And never mind that a gas-powered F-150 or similar model RAM 1500 or Chevy Silverado truck can go more than 500 miles without needing to briefly stop for gas.

    But that isn’t stopping Chevy from joining the “woke” race to be green.

    They just announced they’re making a fully electric Corvette.

    That’s right, the classic Corvette will soon be electric.

    Chevrolet recently announced via Twitter that both a hybrid electrified, and an all-electric version of the classic Corvette are coming, with the hybrid electrified version coming “as early as next year.”

    The announcement also included a video of the hybrid electrified Corvette launching and then drifting around some salt flats.

    Meaning, of course, this has been in the works for some time.

    From the video we can see that the hybrid electrified version is all wheel drive with the front wheels powered by electric motors while the back wheels appear to be powered by a gas motor although likely less powerful than the current V-8.

    What is not yet evident is how different the car will handle and of course just how powerful it will remain as an electric vehicle.

    Most car enthusiasts were understandably sickened to hear the news.

    And while some said they are waiting to see what this new Corvette will look like, and how it will drive, most are already turned off by this new “green” Corvette.

    It is too early to tell if Chevy will suffer the same fate as other corporations that have gone so woke, like Disney and Netflix.

    But if we know American car enthusiasts, especially Corvette owners, don’t be surprised to see a significant drop.

    Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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