Charles Payne’s epic rant on Fox News about this Wall Street scandal has gone viral

There has been a lot of head-scratching among Fox News viewers lately.

The network’s programming has seen several shakeups leading many to wonder what exactly is going on.

And, now, Charles Payne’s epic rant on Fox about this Wall Street scandal has gone viral.

Recently, Fox Business host Charles Payne seemingly brought the network back to its roots with what some are calling a 2009 Rick Santelli-style rant about Wall Street banks trying to rig the market.

Santelli’s now-famous rant in 2009 coined the popular phrase “tea party,” a name used to describe a protest to Obama’s bailout for homeowners.

Payne struck a very similar tone with his rant about Wall Street fat cats padding their bottom line and it could breathe new life into Fox News.

Just last week, Wall Street hedge funds took a bath as retail training apps like Robinhood allowed average Joe day traders to team up and pump the value of stocks like GameStop that Wall Street had bet against by what’s called “short selling.”  “Short selling” just means they were gambling the price of the stock would take a nosedive.

Day traders on the website Reddit banded together to purchase the stock and, in turn, drive up the demand and price, causing the Wall Street bigwigs to lose boatloads of money.

Charles Payne cheered the day traders and tore apart Wall Street for whining to regulators, politicians, and the establishment press that their bets were turning sour.

In his interview, Payne stated that the shorts by Wall Street, which he called “nonsense,” and their whining was making him sick.

It was quite clear that Payne felt no sympathy for Wall Street.

“Neil, you can’t allow Wall Street to short 75% of a stock and nobody says anything, crush these companies into the dirt, and then when the individual investor makes money, everyone is up in arms,” Payne yelled.

Payne went on, “Oh, they’re going to lose their shirt? Don’t you think people are trading, traded 80 billion shares today. People are ringing the register. I have a kid who bought a house. He made $50,000 and bought a house. So yeah, some people are going to lose, some are going to win. But if they want to change the rules of the game now because the general public is making money after decades of the shorts crushing thousands of stocks into the dirt, I watched stocks being crushed completely to zero, and no one ever whispered anything because those stocks didn’t have Wall Street sponsorship.”

And the American public knows that Payne is right.

Ameritrade banned trading for GameStop and other stocks that Wall Street shorted only to see retail traders drive up the stock price.

Not surprisingly, even Big Tech jumped in.

Discord turned off the server for the WallStreetBets forum on Reddit that traders were using to organize their revolt against Wall Street.

The media, Wall Street, and Big Tech believed that if they pushed Trump out of office, it would stop the populist revolt that seemingly got him in the White House.

Actions like the ones taken by day traders rising up to teach Wall Street a lesson about crushing companies by driving down their stock prices shows that the forces that made Trump’s presidency happen are still very much alive.

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