CEO of CNN’s parent company admits the coronavirus is good for the network’s ratings

There’s no denying the fact that the media’s primary objectives have radically changed over the past few decades.

No longer is their focus on informing the public of facts, but rather their focus lies in getting themselves attention.

And finally the CEO of CNN’s parent company has admitted just that when he recently said the coronavirus is good for the network’s ratings.

As most major television networks saw their ratings decline in 2020, the three major cable news networks – FOX News, MSNBC, and CNN – all saw their ratings increase exponentially.

While MSNBC and FOX News saw their ratings increase year-over-year by 23% and 43% respectively, the big winner in 2020 was CNN, who saw their ratings climb by 83%.

2020 was the biggest year ever for CNN’s primetime lineup, both by total number of viewers and in the coveted 25-54 news demo.

And while the presidential election and the media’s endless coverage of “racial unrest” were contributing factors, the COVID-19 pandemic was key – at least that’s according to the CEO of CNN’s parent company.

Speaking at Morgan Stanley’s virtual Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference on Thursday, WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar told attendees that the coronavirus is “really good for ratings.”

“It turns out the pandemic is a pretty big part of the news cycle and that’s not going away any time soon,” Kilar said. “It turns out it’s really good for ratings.”

WarnerMedia is the parent company of both CNN and HLN, as well as HBO, TNT, TBS, and many other media platforms.

Roughly an hour after the comment, Kilar took to Twitter to apologize for the comment, while claiming that he is eager for the pandemic to end and wished he could go back and rephrase his statement.

Of course, one does have to wonder just how sincere Kilar is in his claim that he’s eager to see COVID end, considering it’s abundantly clear that the pandemic has been great for business, as he admitted.

Interestingly, though, that wasn’t the only apology Kilar was forced to issue after his speech at the virtual conference.

As he spoke about the upcoming launch of a cheaper, ad-supported version of the company’s HBO Max streaming service, Kilar said, “It turns out, most people on this planet are not wealthy.”

And just as he did with his COVID comment, Kilar claimed that he wished he could go back and make his point in a different way.

CNN has been at the forefront of pushing apocalyptic coverage of COVID, and have made every effort to make fear the center point of every broadcast.

For years, the media lived by the adage of “if it bleeds, it leads,” in which they would lead every news cast with the most traumatic story possible, even if it wasn’t relevant to viewers because that’s what drives ratings.

Now, CNN has merely used that same mentality to push COVID hysteria on the American people for over a year.

Jason Kilar may wish that he could rephrase his statement, but even he knows that his comment is rooted in truth.

And there’s little doubt that as long as CNN’s ratings are up, no matter what may change in the months ahead, their coverage of COVID will remain the same.

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