California’s plan for golf courses will have you seeing red

The far-Left hates the game of golf.

It’s bad for the environment, wastes water and advances white privilege, they exclaim.

But California’s new plan for golf courses is far worse than a bogey.

The California legislature is considering a bill that will steal away public and municipal golf courses and then use the land to build Section 8 housing.

If passed, the legislation would provide $50-million in developer subsidies to convert Golden State golf courses to so-called affordable housing complexes.

Democrat Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, who represents a small city in the Los Angeles metropolitan area says golf is only for the rich and white, while Section-8 housing helps the underprivileged population.

“Who can access golf courses,” Garcia asked. “Only those who know how to or can afford to play golf. Pay-to-play leisure activities do not serve low and moderate-income Californians.”

In Garcia’s radical mind, her bill eliminating golf is a win-win.

“The state can craft a ‘grand bargain’ to encourage redevelopment of golf courses in a way that promotes equity and affordability, and fights climate change.”

Author and Documentarian Dinesh D’Souza’s wife, Debby, is a legal immigrant from Venezuela.

As you can see on the above video, on a recent episode of her podcast with her husband, she compared this California golf course takeover to the communist dictatorship rule she experienced in her home country.

“I know Assemblywoman Garcia has no idea Hugo Chavez did the same thing in Venezuela,” Debby D’Souza said. “But what it does tell me is that these people are cut from the same cloth. They think in exactly the same way.”

When reading the text of the bill, Mrs. D’Souza said she was reminded of when Hugo Chavez did the exact same thing.

“That’s why I call it Cali-zuela,” D’Souza said. “Because a lot of the things that are implemented in California were actually implemented first in Venezuela.”

D’Souza points out Chavez rule over Venezuela drove business out of the country and we’re already seeing companies leave California for more friendly business climates in states like Florida, Tennessee and Texas.

Assemblywoman Garcia says she wants to help the underserved communities, however, municipal courses across the state offer free golf to those communities through at-risk youth programs.

Programs exist at local courses for the physically or mentally disabled and the blind, military veterans, stroke survivors, a Special Olympics program – the list goes on and on.

But Democrats would rather have more Section-8 housing and expand urbanization with the goal of recruiting new Democrat voters.

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