Californians fear their economy may never recover after what was found in this report

California had some of the strictest lockdowns in the nation for the past year.

Governor Newsom made it clear that he could care less about California’s economy while forcing small businesses to close – sometimes permanently.

And now Californians fear their economy may never recover after what was found in this report.

Leftists couldn’t get enough of the COVID-lockdown madness.

They just loved the idea of controlling everyone’s life and making people dependent on the state.

And many leftists are doing everything they can to keep their lockdowns in place as they don’t want the fun to end.

One of the leaders of the Left’s obsession with lockdowns was California’s Governor Gavin Newsom.

The man just seemed to enjoy closing down mom and pop shops around the Golden State.

And while his constituents suffered through hardships he just went out and broke his own rules.

It’s almost as if these leftist Governors think that the rules only apply to their “subjects.”

But now his tyrannical rule is about to bite California in the butt.

After over a year of endless lockdowns, a report from the California Senate’s Special Committee on Pandemic Emergency Response found that nearly one million workers were laid off.

And to make matters worse, about a third of all businesses in California are closed for good never to return.

So it looks like many of those laid off employees will not have a job waiting on them when California officially opens back up on June 15.

When will Californians wake up and realize the mess they live in?

They are subjects to a tyrannical Governor and all while their businesses and jobs evaporate in thin air from his idiotic orders.

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