California leftists were just handed a devastating blow to their anti-Christian crusade

American leftists have been waging war against Christians for decades.

Their goal is to completely rid our nation of any resemblance of a footprint from a Christian worldview.

But California leftists were just handed a devastating blow to their anti-Christian crusade.

When the COVID-19 panic hit in March 2020, churches all across the country were coerced to shut their doors for months on end with no clue of when they would be “allowed” to gather again.

Separating Americans from their churches and their local communities of fellowship, substituting them for reliance on the federal government and big crony corporations, made anti-Christian leftists happy as can be.

But a few brave Christians and their churches refused to let their First Amendment rights be stripped away in an instant by government edict.

One of those brave men is none other than best-selling Christian author and pastor of Grace Community Church in Los Angeles, John MacArthur.

When Los Angeles County banned churches from gathering over fears of COVID-19 spread, Grace Community Church led by John MacArthur’s advice refused to stop gathering, pointing out that they have inalienable rights to gather in church just as the U.S. Constitution guarantees.

MacArthur’s church and the local government were at war for over a year and it appeared to be heading to court.

But it took a left turn as Los Angeles County and the State of California have now decided to settle instead and will pay Grace Community Church $800,000 to keep from going to court.

The Washington Post reports:

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday (Aug. 31) voted to authorize a $400,000 payment to settle a legal battle with Grace Community Church over lead pastor John MacArthur’s defiance of COVID-19 restrictions in the early months of the pandemic.

Under the agreement, which the board unanimously approved without discussion, the state of California will also pay the church $400,000.

Reports indicate the county had already racked up a $1,000,000 bill in lawyer fees – and yet they still lost.

This is a win for Christians that simply puts a grin on your face.

Christians who are willing to put it all on the line to defend their Christian liberty in this country are growing thin.

Modern churches are breeding “Christians” who honestly don’t care for their churches and their “faith” outside of socializing and a get-out-of-jail free card.

But seeing a courageous liberty-loving Christian man like MacArthur take on his local government and win is certainly encouraging.

More Americans – regardless of their religious backgrounds – need to be willing to stand up to the growing Orwellian sects of politics who seek to stamp out our most fundamental liberties guaranteed to us in the U.S. Constitution and endowed by our Creator.

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