Bud Light made one desperation move that confirmed the brand needs a miracle

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Bud Light sales are still plummeting from their woke controversy.

Now the company is turning to a Hail Mary to save them.

And Bud Light made one desperation move that confirmed the brand needs a miracle.

The calendar is about to turn to fall and Bud Light is still reeling from the backlash that broke out after the light beer partnered with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

The company has tried promotions, giveaways, and a major new ad campaign but nothing is luring beer drinkers back to the brand.

Desperation mode is setting in after sales of Bud Light cratered for the past five months.

Football fans are getting excited about the start of the NFL with the season fast approaching.

Bud Light is looking to capitalize on the excitement for the start of a new NFL season with a major giveaway.

The struggling beer brand is giving away free subscriptions to the popular NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV, a $449 value, which allows fans to watch every out-of-market game.

2,000 winners will be chosen from a random entry if they sign up on Bud Light’s website.

Other prizes are being handed out including gift cards to the NFL’s digital store.

Football season is when Bud Light traditionally spends most of its advertising budget and the brand has been a longtime sponsor of the NFL.

Bud Light is hoping that it can use the popularity of the NFL and a big giveaway to lure back boycotting beer drinkers.

This is the latest marketing gimmick involving the NFL that Bud Light has leaned into since the backlash began in April.

The light beer is using NFL stars as part of a marketing campaign to win back Middle America and distance themselves from Mulvaney.

Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce was featured in a commercial with dads grunting at a backyard barbeque that was widely panned on social media.

Bud Light lost its spot as the best-selling beer to Mexican lager Modelo Especial after decades on top.

The brand is turning to another gimmick to recover lost sales but there’s little chance it will work.

Every other ploy that Bud Light made failed to stop hemorrhaging sales because the company lost touch with its customer base.

Anheuser-Busch CEO Brendan Whitworth refuses to apologize to the brand’s core customers for burning them with the Mulvaney partnership.

Bud Light hasn’t learned any lessons from its disastrous decision to go woke and will continue to pay the price.

A subscription to NFL Sunday Ticket is a Hail Mary that will fall well short of the endzone for Bud Light.

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