Border Patrol agents got disinvited from one Biden event that will turn your stomach

    Joe Biden’s administration has been defined by failures and gaffes.

    And there are no signs of the trend reversing.

    Now Border Patrol agents got disinvited from one Biden event that will turn your stomach.

    The horrific shooting in Uvalde, Texas still weighs on the hearts and minds of Americans.

    The killer’s rampage may have been even worse if not for the Border Patrol agents who intervened as local law enforcement remained outside the building.

    But most of the Border Patrol agents who responded and killed the mass murderer were disinvited from Joe Biden’s memorial event in Uvalde.

    Breitbart reported that “Law Enforcement officers who responded to the Uvalde school shooting at Robb Elementary School on Tuesday morning received an invitation to meet with President Biden during his planned visit to Uvalde on Sunday afternoon. According to a senior Customs and Border Protection source, the officers received the invitation late last week. Many had accepted and were scheduled to attend the private address from the president. Most are now being informed they are no longer invited.”

    Biden and the Democrats have spent the last five years eviscerating Border Patrol agents, so it’s clear that they don’t want to portray them as heroes now.

    Prominent Democrats have repeatedly called for ICE and CBP to be abolished.

    Biden even accused mounted Border Patrol agents of whipping Haitian migrants, a lie that was quickly disproven.

    Breitbart added that “although the meeting is planned at a location that can accommodate hundreds, more than 90% of the Border Patrol agents who were invited are now being told time and space are limited and they cannot attend . . . In addition to Border Patrol BORTAC tactical unit members who killed the shooter after entering the classroom, others assisted with removing students and teachers from harm’s way. They also provided emergency medical attention to the survivors of the brutal attack.”

    The establishment is always playing politics, even in the instance of a devastating mass shooting.

    A Border Patrol source told Breitbart, “These agents are still traumatized by the incident; the venue is large, and they are not going to buy this excuse . . . It appears now as if this planned meeting was nothing more than a photo opportunity with the law enforcement community.”

    Predictably, the Democrats have used the shooting in their latest push for gun control.

    It doesn’t matter that none of their policies would have prevented the shooting.

    Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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