Border agents are bracing themselves for one dangerous threat

Joe Biden reversed several of Donald Trump’s effective policies, and Americans are paying the price.

The most glaring example is Biden’s nonsensical border policies.

Now border agents are bracing themselves for one dangerous threat.

Democrats have become shockingly radical on immigration.

They have embraced a de facto open borders approach, which Americans disapprove of strongly.

During the Democratic primary in 2020, Democrats said they were in favor of giving illegal immigrants free healthcare, and some even advocated tearing down the existing border barriers.

And as soon as he got in office, Joe Biden immediately undid Trump’s border policies such as the Remain in Mexico agreement reached with Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The obvious consequence was a surge at the border; illegal crossings have reached record highs under Biden.

And border patrol agents are fearful of terrorists slipping through the cracks.

Texas Representative Tony Gonzales spoke to border frontline workers, and that was one of their chief concerns.

Gonzales asked a border patrol agent, “Hey, what keeps you up at night?” and a seasoned agent responded, “Tony, this is what keeps me up at night: another 9/11 event happening that starts through the southern border…If that happens and I gotta look back and go ‘I couldn’t stop this,’ I’m going to be devastated.”

It’s a misconception that only people from Mexico and Central America are illegally coming into the country.

People from all over the world are suddenly showing up on the southern border.

Migrants from Asia and Africa are being apprehended, and recently thousands of Haitians crossed into the United States from Mexico.

“On Christmas Day, Border Patrol mentioned to me that there were people on the terror watch they just picked up from Eygpt, Syria. This is nothing different…If I spoke with them every single day, they would tell me something every single day. Nothing has changed. That’s the part where this [Biden] administration is beyond incompetence, it’s negligence. They are going to get people killed,” Gonzales added.

Democrats inexplicably want porous borders, which does nothing to make Americans safer.

The Left used to oppose immigration on labor grounds, but they have abandoned that view in favor of more potential future voters and larger congressional apportionment.

The radicalism of the Democrats on immigration cannot be overstated.

The issue has become so untenable, Democrat politicians in heavy latino border districts have flipped to the Republican Party.

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