Bill Maher went on CNN and dropped a major truthbomb about the media’s treatment of Hunter Biden compared to Donald Trump Jr.

The corporate-controlled media has been in the back pocket of the Democrat Party for several years.

But many Americans are waking up to the Fake News Media’s left-wing bias.

And Bill Maher went on CNN and dropped a major truthbomb about the media’s treatment of Hunter Biden compared to Donald Trump Jr.

HBO host and comedian Bill Maher is known as one of the most liberal personalities in the entertainment industry.

During Donald Trump’s four years in office, Maher was one of Trump’s biggest critics.

He parroted the Russian-collusion hoax, called Trump nasty names, and even pushed the conspiracy theory that Trump was planning to stay in office forever.

But despite all that, Maher recently emerged as one of the top opponents of the “woke” cancel culture Left.

And during a recent appearance on CNN’s Cuomo Primetime, Maher called out the corporate-controlled media for ignoring the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, saying the treatment would have been much different if it were Don Jr. instead of Hunter Biden.

“I mean, if Don Jr. had done what Hunter Biden had done, it would be every night, all night on MSNBC,” began Maher.

“But the fact that it’s Hunter Biden and Joe’s on the blue team — see, that’s the problem with America, everything is so binary. Everything that the red team doesn’t like goes in the blue bin and vice-versa. So, every Democratic politician has to wear on his sleeve every silly, stupid woke thing that the fringe left does and the red team has to wear kids in cages and lock her up and all that kind of stuff,” declared Maher.

Maher then pointed out the reason why he believed Donald Trump was so popular with everyday, ordinary Americans.

“He doesn’t talk like a politician,” said Maher. “And he never backs down, even when he’s completely wrong and done something horrible. But in a world where everyone is always apologizing for everything, that comes off as refreshing,” Maher added.

Maher then ripped Democrats for adhering to the “woke” cancel culture Left, adding that “the reason why Democrats are so toxic is because they have become the Party of no common sense.”

Of course, polls show Democrats would be wise to heed Maher’s warning and start distancing themselves from the “woke” cancel culture Left or else face a shellacking at the ballot box in 2022 just like they did recently in Virginia.

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