Bill Maher took everyone by surprise when he gave Ron DeSantis this piece of advice

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Liberal comedian Bill Maher isn’t afraid to challenge the Left’s sacred cows.

He weighed in on the biggest question of the 2024 election.

And Bill Maher took everyone by surprise when he gave Ron DeSantis this piece of advice.

The biggest question mark of the 2024 Presidential election is if Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will throw his hat in the ring.

The Florida Governor has kept his cards close to his vest but rumors persist that he’s seriously considering entering the race.

That would set in motion a heavyweight fight between DeSantis and former President Donald Trump, the two most popular conservative politicians, for the Republican nomination.

While DeSantis is focused on the upcoming session of the Florida legislature, liberal comedian Bill Maher gave him his advice on running for President.

On his HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher, Maher said that DeSantis should sit out 2024 and wait until 2028 to make a run at the White House.

“I personally think that would be a mistake for him,” Maher said during a panel discussion on the show. “Because he’s 46, I think. Just let Trump die . . . politically, I mean. Or, you know, he’s older. It could happen. I’m not wishing it, but OK. He’d still only be 50.”

DeSantis would be 50 years old in 2028, which would still make him the youngest GOP Presidential nominee in decades.

“If DeSantis got in against Trump, Trump will do to him what he does with everybody,” Maher continued. “Not just bloody him, it’ll be a battle in the mud — and all DeSantis has to do is wait and he can be President.”

Trump has already started to take shots at DeSantis ahead of any potential Presidential announcement.

A showdown between Trump and DeSantis could be a bruising fight for the Republican nomination.

“I normally would say the opposite — get in early before they pick you apart, but in this case, with Trump, it changes everything,” Maher added.

DeSantis, so far, has taken the high road and focused on governing after Trump attacked him.

Republican pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson said that DeSantis running against Trump was like “running into a wood chipper” but said the Florida Governor needs to strike while the iron is hot.

“You don’t get your moment all the time in American politics,” Soltis Anderson said.

“It’s gonna be his moment in four years anyway,” Maher replied.

“In four years, he won’t be Governor of Florida anymore because he can’t be, he probably won’t be in the U.S. Senate unless he left to challenge Rick Scott somehow. He’s gonna be kind of chilling, doing nothing,” Soltis Anderson responded. “So this is his moment. I think it would be foolish for him to take a pass on this.”

Ron DeSantis’ decision will shake up the 2024 Presidential race whether he chooses to run or not. 

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