Bill Maher said one word that made Democrats squirm

David Shankbone, CC BY-SA 3.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Comedian Bill Maher doesn’t care anymore whose feelings on the Left that he hurts.

Maher has something to say, and he wants to make sure liberals hear it.

And Bill Maher said one word that made Democrats squirm.

Maher attacks woke ideology

Bill Maher repeatedly predicted that Donald Trump would defeat Joe Biden in the November election.

The polls show that Biden’s massively unpopular and that Trump leads nationally and in the key swing states.

Maher said Democrats need to look inward and accept the blame for this situation.

“Part of it the Left has to own. They are aggressively anti-common sense,” Maher stated.

Maher explained that Democrats keep ignoring the signals they get from the people. 

“The Democrats keep running on this one idea, saying to the American people, ‘You can’t possibly think you can do worse than Donald Trump.’ And they keep saying, ‘Yes, we can. Yes, we can,” Maher began.

But Maher said that Democrats are alienating the base of the Democrat Party by getting drunk on woke ideology. 

And I understand that. I do. I would never vote for Donald Trump, and as I said, I think the Republicans are worse, but yeah . . . it’s funny when I talk to, you know, my friends around my age, 40, and they are always bitching to me about their kids who are like in their 20’s, and they’re like super uber woke, and they’re driving their parents crazy, and everything is like, ‘You don’t get it, Mom. That’s old thinking.’ And I’m like, ‘Don’t get what? Abolish the police?’” Maher added.

Journalist Tina Brown was conducting the interview and grew visibly uncomfortable as Maher called the woke policy proposals Democrats now cheer “stupid.”

“Tear down statues of Lincoln? Maybe give communism another shot? Get rid of the border patrol? Get rid of capitalism? White supremacy has never been worse? Gender is always just a social construct? It’s okay to have penises in the women’s swimming pool, in women’s prisons? No, it’s not that I’m old; it’s that your ideas are stupid,” Maher continued.

Democrats heading for disaster

Maher spent years on his Real Time show, warning liberals that they were playing with fire by going all in on identity politics.

The Left making transgenderism, attacking America as systemically racist, and supporting open borders backed the party into a corner of supporting fringe ideas, leading them to insult anyone who disagrees with them as racists.

Polls have shown more than 60 percent of Americans support mass deportations of illegal aliens.

A YouGov poll found that Americans support banning biological males from playing girls’ sports by a 31-point margin.

Democrats are not only stuck on the wrong side of both of these issues, but they mock the people who disagree with them as retrograde bigots.

And as Maher believes, the chickens will come home to roost for this insanity in November.