Bill Maher ripped “woke” environmentalists for one reason

Bill Maher is gaining enemies on his side of the political aisle.

He’s breaking the cardinal rule of calling out the Left.

And Maher ripped “woke” environmentalists for one reason.

The world of politics is filled with hypocrites, but liberals who lecture about climate change while globetrotting on private jets are a special breed of obnoxious.

And liberal comedian Bill Maher called them out while confessing he does the same.

During a monologue on his HBO show Real Time, Maher said, “[I]t’s a new year and I’d like to come clean. My name is Bill. And I fly private. And so does every other person who calls themselves an ‘environmentalist’ who can.”

Maher then showed a montage of celebrities, many of them climate “activists,” flying on or deplaning from private jets with massive carbon footprints.

Maher added, “Their position on climate change is ‘we must do more to stop pouring carbon into the air, except for me when I want to go somewhere and then I take a private jet.’ It turns out there is one thing in this world that is completely impossible to resist. And this is it. It’s like heroin. If you do it once, you’ll never stop.”

The elites feel justified in flying private because they demagogue about the environment, but Maher called them out for not walking the walk.

He continued, “There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who fly private and those who would if they could . . . Everyone else is full of sh*t and I’m done being full of sh*t. I can take being a bad environmentalist because almost all of us are, but I can’t take being a hypocrite.”

Kudos to Maher for at least admitting the truth.

He also called out John Kerry, explaining, “[O]utside of heads of state, almost everyone else could fly commercial. Why don’t they? […] No one can resist it. John Kerry is our climate czar, and he uses a private jet. It’s like if the secretary of Homeland Security smuggled drugs in his butt.” 

Environmentalism is one of many issues where leftists are massive hypocrites.

Another is guns.

They push for gun control while traveling around with private security.

Meanwhile, they don’t want others to be able to carry guns.

And these globalist elites wonder why so many people are absolutely fed up with them.

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