Bill Maher revealed that Caitlin Clark suffered this awful racist insult

David Shankbone, CC BY-SA 3.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Caitlin Clark is the biggest thing to happen to women’s basketball.

Clark’s scoring prowess is drawing record crowds and TV viewership.

But now Bill Maher revealed that Caitlin Clark suffered this awful racist insult.

Caitlin Clark single-handedly led women’s basketball to new heights.

Thanks to her clever ball handling, creative passing, and walk-in-the-gym-range, Clark set the all-time college basketball – men’s and women’s – scoring mark.

Clark, leading the Iowa Hawkeyes to the title game, set ratings records with the championship contest rating higher than every NBA Finals game dating back to 2019.

When a sport finds itself blessed with a once-in-a-lifetime phenom like Clark, it usually puts its entire marketing machine behind them for a rocket push.

But not the WNBA.

Even though Clark is a full head and shoulders above everyone else, the league treats her like garbage.

Since Clark entered the league, she’s been the victim of taunts and cheap shots.

On Real Time, Bill Maher told his guests Clark’s facing unprecedented abuse because she’s a straight woman in a league filled with lesbians, and there is a racial component as well.

“It’s everything,” Maher stated. “It’s women are catty, the league is very lesbian and she’s not, and there’s race. There’s a lot going on.”

Caitlin Clark snubbed from U.S. Women’s Olympic Basketball team

The latest insult came when U.S. Women’s Basketball left Clark off the Olympic Team.

The official reason was over concerns she wouldn’t play much.

But the Olympics are a global showcase.

And Caitlin Clark is a proven draw, meaning more people around the world would get exposed to the women’s game – and the WNBA’s other star players that made the U.S. team – just by virtue of Clark sitting on the bench.

The Blaze host Jason Whitlock said he was glad Clark didn’t make the team because then he didn’t have to pretend to care about the rest of the woke anthem kneelers that make up the rest of Team USA winning the Gold.

“Am I the only one glad they left Caitlin Clark off the Olympic team? Now I don’t have to watch a bunch of angry, entitled feminists who hate America play hoops,” Whitlock stated.

The WNBA earned a reputation as one of the most leftist sports leagues in America.

Some media complained that Clark hadn’t joined in on the league’s liberal politics, and that validated her Olympic snub.

Whitlock said the other players hate Clark because she’s straight, white, and stays out of politics.

“They/Thems Hate Cait. End of story,” Whitlock continued.

Whitlock explained the real reason U.S. Women’s Basketball left Clark off the team was fear of a backlash from the pro-BLM, pro-homosexual players who make up the majority of the league.

Whitlock added in a separate post, “Women’s basketball decision-makers are not dumb. They’ve been bullied by the BLM-LGBTQIA+Silent P Alphabet Mafia bigots.”