Bill Maher just made one shocking confession about Ron DeSantis

    Bill Maher is a life-long liberal who’s losing credibility with the Left.

    He refuses to go along with all of their “woke” nonsense.

    And Maher just made one shocking confession about Ron DeSantis.

    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just got an unlikely endorsement.

    Real Time host Bill Maher made an eye-opening admission about DeSantis during a podcast interview with libertarian commentator Dave Rubin.

    The two discussed the insanity of the COVID regime, and Maher said, “If California says I have to take shots and DeSantis says I don’t . . . hello, Florida. That’s what I’ll say about DeSantis.”

    Maher has been one of the strongest opponents of lockdowns and forced vaccines on the Left.

    The comic also inadvertently made a pro-life argument during the discussion.

    Maher said, “Now you’ve hit on the one raw nerve with me on this issue that could make me go to Florida or anywhere else. And that’s COVID and their overreaction in my view and their limited ability to understand that – please, look, I want to be a team player, but you can’t get inside my body. That has to be my decision.”

    Rubin then responded, “Remember when they were for ‘my body, my choice’? Wasn’t that them?”

    That’s when Maher said, “That’s an unfair analogy because we’re talking about a different life that’s not my life, okay? I am pro-choice, but I’ve always said I totally understand their side and I don’t like it when they say, ‘Oh, they just hate women.’ They don’t hate women. They think it’s murder.”

    Maher distinguished between being against forced vaccinations and pro-abortion argument that pro-lifers want to “control women’s bodies.”

    Maher added, “This is my body. This is my body, my health, and to pretend that you have enough information – with all the things they’ve been wrong about. That’s the one area where I could see having to decamp . . . and that would be a terrible thing in this country, where you can’t live in the state you want to live in because of some government policy about medicine.”

    California is losing residents left and right.

    For the first time in state history, California has had net negative migration out of the state . . . two years in a row.

    Many Californians like Rubin have made their way to the free state of Florida.

    If the Left isn’t careful, they will drive away life-long liberals like Bill Maher.

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