Bill Clinton accidentally handed Donald Trump this tool against the FBI raid

    The Clintons’ hatred of Donald Trump is well known.

    But a move from Bill’s past could be a major gift to Trump.

    And Bill Clinton accidentally handed Donald Trump this tool against the FBI raid.

    The FBI’s raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home is following the playbook from the Russian collusion hoax.

    The Justice Department is leaking information to the corporate-controlled media to fuel another hysterical round of lies and distortions against Trump.

    Trump was targeted for allegedly taking classified documents from the White House to Mar-a-Lago that were going to be a part of his Presidential archive.

    The National Archives is after the documents, claiming that Trump violated the Presidential Record Act, which mandates that Presidential records are persevered and made public by the National Archive.

    Even though a violation of the Presidential Records Act isn’t a crime, the FBI moved forward with the raid.

    President Trump contends that his Presidential authority gave him the ability to declassify the documents in question and that they’re personal not Presidential records.

    Now a court case involving former President Bill Clinton’s sock drawer is giving Trump ammunition to fight back against the latest witch hunt against him.

    Conservative watchdog group, Judicial Watch, filed a lawsuit a decade earlier against the National Archives to get them to hand over audio recordings Bill Clinton made with historian Taylor Branch during his Presidency.

    Branch revealed that Clinton kept the tapes in his sock drawer.

    U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled in 2012 against Judicial Watch stating the Presidential Records Act didn’t compel the National Archives to take the tapes from Clinton.

    And Judge Jackson’s ruling may have handed Trump a potential weapon to fight back against the FBI raid.

    Her ruling stated that the President has the “sole discretion” to decide what records are personal versus what are official records.

    Jackson also ruled that the President has the “sole discretion” to decide what documents to declassify and what documents he can destroy.

    Trump has repeatedly said the documents he took with him to Mar-a-Lago were personal and declassified.

    If precedent from the court ruling in the Clinton case is followed, then the authority to make that decision on the documents is well within his authority.

    Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, who lost the Clinton case, believes the ruling will have an impact on Trump’s impending legal fights.

    “The government, the lawyer for the Archives, said, ‘You know what? If documents are in the former President’s hands, where they’re presumptively personal, we just, you know, we presume they’re personal,'” Fitton said.

    “The Justice Department previously had told us in response to a question about Bill Clinton: ‘Tough luck, it’s his.’ But they changed their mind for Donald Trump?” Fitton asked. “. . . The law and court decision suggests that Trump is right. And frankly, based on this analysis, Trump should get every single document they took from him back. It’s all personal records.”

    Ironically, Bill Clinton’s sock drawer tapes could potentially give Trump the argument for a major legal victory.

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