Biden’s new Press Secretary was asked one question about gas prices that will leave you stunned

The Biden administration is struggling to put out fires that it started.

Joe Biden’s energy policies have been particularly harmful to the country.

And Biden’s new Press Secretary was asked one question about gas prices that will leave you stunned.

Jen Psaki left her gig as White House Press Secretary to slide into her new role as Press Secretary for the entire Democrat Party on MSNBC.

And Karine Jean-Pierre, her replacement, got stuck holding the bag for an administration that’s circling the drain.

Peter Doocy of Fox News, one of the few reporters who’s willing to challenge the administration with a difficult question, asked Jean-Pierre, “Americans are now spending $5,000 a year on gasoline. That’s almost double what they did a year ago. Where are people supposed to go to get all that extra cash?”

Jean-Pierre fumbled and responded, “Well, I mean, one of the things that we’ve been very clear about is to do everything in our power to make sure that we lower costs. You know, it is important – we see it. The President understands what the American people is – are – is going through. And that’s why we’re doing everything that we can. We’ve made multiple announcements in the past several – several months of what we’re doing – whether it’s just the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, whether it’s the ethanol 15, to make sure that that – that the American people are not feeling Putin’s price hike. This is where this is coming from. Sixty to seventy percent of the current price hike that we have seen has come from Putin’s aggression against Ukraine.”

It’s understandable for the Press Secretary to pivot to talking points, but Jean-Pierre’s rambling answer makes no sense.

Tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and allowing ethanol 15 gas did next to nothing to reduce the price of gas in any significant way.

If the Biden administration were serious about reducing costs, they would ease regulatory pressures on the energy sector.

Instead, Biden has done the opposite and doubled down on his commitment to green energy, which is at least a decade away from having an impact, if it has an impact at all.

Also, Jean-Pierre invocation of “Putin’s price hike” is a rhetorical loser.

Even long-time Democrat operative David Axelrod said that was a bad talking point for the Democrats because the American people know that gas prices were going up before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Biden administration has no good answer to the gas crisis because it is not serious about solving the problem.

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