Biden’s new Orwellian appointee said nine words that will leave you red with rage

Joe Biden and the Democrats are losing credibility with the American people.

That’s why they have leaned so hard on censorship.

And Biden’s new Orwellian appointee said nine words that will leave you red with rage.

The Democrats have given up on pretending to be a moderate party.

They are instead using the dystopian novel 1984 as a blueprint.

The Biden administration recently created the Disinformation Governance Board under the purview of the Department of Homeland Security, giving off chilling Ministry of Truth vibes.

The new executive branch position will purportedly give the imprimatur of “truth” to statements that are favorable to the regime, which would allow for social media sites to censor content that’s unfavorable to Democrats under the pretext of stopping “disinformation.”

And Nina Jankowicz, the woman tapped for the position of “Minister of Truth,” is a wild leftist partisan.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas laughably claimed during an interview with CNN that Jankowicz is neutral.

But her own writings and interviews suggest she is a down-the-line Democrat operative.

Back in 2020 when Donald Trump was in office, Jankowicz said that the executive branch should not have the power to determine what is and is not “fake news.”

Yet Jankowicz now holds the exact position she once claimed she did not believe should exist.

Jankowicz said at the time, “Imagine that, you know, with President Trump right now calling all of these news organizations that have — inconvenient for him – stories that they’re getting out there, that he’s calling ‘fake news,’ and now lashing out at platforms…I would never want to see our executive branch have that sort of power, and that’s why, you know, the legislative process, with our duly elected officials, is really important. That sort of consultative rule-making process. We can’t just govern by executive order any more.”

People on the Right often call leftists hypocrites.

It’s even simpler than that.

Whatever is beneficial to their cause is good, and whatever is detrimental to their cause is bad.

So they are not at all shamed by hypocrisy or double standards.

Jankowicz has also said that the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” scandal was Russian disinformation, and claimed that the Steele dossier was credible.

Clearly she is not the best judge of what constitutes truth.

It’s mind-blowing to see leftists vehemently argue in favor of censorship and against free speech.

They have become the Party of Orwell.

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