Biden’s failed border policies created one infuriating consequence

Joe Biden’s Presidency is in sharp decline.

His administration is proving that establishment orthodoxy can no longer sustain.

Now Biden’s failed border policies created one infuriating consequence.

Joe Biden is essentially implementing open borders.

He and the Democrats encouraged surges of illegal aliens with pie-in-the-sky promises of employment and healthcare.

Biden also unwound all of Donald Trump’s successful border policies including the border wall.

The Biden administration halted all construction on the border wall, and now millions of dollars worth of steel is rusting away in the desert.

The Democrats have gone completely off the reservation on immigration.

Not too long ago, Democrats were hawkish on the border because of the downward pressure on working class wages.

Bill Clinton’s 1995 State of the Union address on immigration could be classified to the Right of Trump.

But now Clinton and the other Democrats are effectively open borders advocates.

Democrats figured out that sacrificing workers for down-the-road electoral victories was worth the tradeoff.

Now Democrats not only don’t want to build a border wall, they want to tear down long existing border barriers.

So-called “moderate” Beto O’Rourke made that argument when he was running for President.

Biden also reversed Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy that significantly cut down on fake asylum claims.

The Biden administration also tried to hide the details of the latest surge of Haitians at the border.

The FAA banned drones from taking pictures, and DHS was warned about the Haitian migrant caravan well in advance of its arrival.

Democrats are entirely in hock to the globalists on the issue of immigration.

Left-wing activists like billionaire George Soros do not believe in national sovereignty, and flouting immigration law is a direct salvo against it.

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