Biden’s Education Secretary was forced to admit one truth about a shocking blunder by the President

Joe Biden is getting desperate.

He’s doing everything he can to rescue his sagging approval ratings with little success.

And Biden’s Education Secretary was forced to admit one truth about a shocking blunder by the President.

Joe Biden is attempting to buy votes in advance of the Midterm elections.

The bloom is already off the comically titled Inflation Reduction Act, which the Democrat Media Complex now admits does not reduce inflation.

Biden is now attempting to cancel student loan debt, a ridiculous move that has been blasted by people on both the Left and the Right.

He announced, “Using the authority Congress granted the Department of Education, we will forgive $10,000 in outstanding federal student loans. In addition, students who come from low-income families which allowed them to qualify to receive a Pell Grant will have their debt reduced $20,000 . . . If you make under $125,000, you’ll get $10,000 knocked off your student debt. If you make under $125,000 a year and you received a Pell Grant, you’ll get an additional $10,000 knocked off that total for a total of $20,000 relief.”

The move by Biden is a slap in the face to all the people who paid off their student loans, or chose not to go to college altogether.

Those people will be footing the tax bill for privileged college graduates.

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy interviewed Education Secretary Miguel Cardona about the relief plan, and he asked, “The people that already paid their student loans, they don’t get anything out of this deal.”

Cardona replied, “Right.”

Doocy also asked Cardona about previous comments from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who said that Biden did not have the authority to make this move.

Doocy asked, “Speaker Pelosi said last year, she thought this was something a president could not do. It would require an act of Congress. So is this legal?”

Cardona replied, “The HEROES Act, page 637 . . . gives me the authority to provide a waiver to ensure Americans are not worse off after an emergency – a national emergency – which the pandemic was.”

Once again, the Democrats are using COVID as a catch-all for any bad policy they want to cram through.

There is a good chance this relief plan will be struck down by the courts, but the fact that Biden even attempted it shows the level of desperation and corruption within his administration.

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