Biden’s crumbling economy is somehow even worse than you could possibly imagine

Joe Biden has bungled the economy in unthinkable ways.

The Democrat Media Complex is even running out of ideas to spin it favorably.

And Biden’s crumbling economy is somehow even worse than you could possibly imagine.

The propaganda being used to sugarcoat Joe Biden’s failing economy is truly stunning.

Washington Post Never-Trumper and Biden sycophant Jennifer Rubin even had the gall to claim that Biden’s economy would be stellar . . . if not for the crushing inflation.

And the inflation is only going to get worse.

The Producer Price Index (PPI) is up dramatically, which means costs will be felt by consumers.

Timcast News reported that “prices paid to U.S. producers jumped significantly from a year ago according to BLS records dating back to 2010, topping all estimates and highlighting the impact of inflation on consumers nationwide. The Producer Price Index (PPI) increased 11.2% from March of last year and 1.4% from the prior month. Excluding food and energy segments, the so-called core PPI increased 1% from a month earlier and 9.2% from a year ago. This is a heavy contrast to the latest consumer price report, which showed a softening in the pace of core inflation.”

Inflation is a hidden regressive tax that hurts the middle class and the poor the most, yet CNN shamefully tried to argue the opposite.

The Biden administration and some compliant members of the media have been parroting the talking point that gas prices are a result of “Putin’s price hike.”

Timcast added that “the price of goods climbed 2.3% in March for a second month. Over half of that increase was due to a 5.7% surge in energy prices. The cost of goods has driven up the prices of energy, food, and metals. In addition, transportation bottlenecks and labor shortages are complicating matters for manufacturers. The increase in input costs for producers will likely be passed on to consumers as firms try to protect margins. This will continue to drive up the Consumer Price Index, which is the level of inflation impacting most Americans. According to recent Consumer Price Index reports, inflation has already hit record highs not seen in over 40 years. However, the March Consumer Price Index report set a new record as the rate of increase hit 8.5% — the fastest pace since 1982.”

The “Putin’s price hike” deflection simply is not working on the American people.

They know how much they’ve been paying for gas, and the increases began as soon as Biden took office.

Biden and the Democrats are determined to undercut the oil and gas industry in favor of “green” energy, but reality keeps getting in the way.

And consumers are the ones who will be paying for it.

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