Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal was even worse than you thought

Joe Biden’s foreign policy has been a total disaster.

He has done nothing but present incompetence on the world stage.

And Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal was even worse than you thought.

Joe Biden followed through on Donald Trump’s plan to get out of Afghanistan and end the longest war in U.S. history.

But Biden did it in the worst way possible.

He reneged on a deal to be out by May 1st, waited until “fighting season” in the summer to pull out, and made several operational miscalculations.

Biden said the Afghan government would be able to withstand the Taliban thanks to $80 billion in military equipment, but the government surrendered in a day.

All of the military equipment was left behind for the Taliban.

Biden also abandoned Bagram Airfield before the country had been evacuated of all personnel; instead the evacuation took place at Kabul International Airport, which is much smaller and less secure.

Twelve Marines died as a result from a terrorist attack in Kabul.

And now, California Congressman Darrell Issa revealed that some of the Afghans airlifted out of Kabul were actually terrorist prisoners.

Issa told reporter John Solomon that some of the young Afghan men who “pushed through the gates and got onto the plane” and “were clearly not in any way vetted…could, and likely did, include some of the 5,000 who had just been released from Bagram prison.”

Biden pushed back the withdrawal date, yet was still completely unprepared for what would occur.

Many Afghan men of military age who did not speak English (i.e. not translators or intelligence sources) were brought to the United States, including 28 evacuees that the Defense Department inspector general said could not be located in spite of known “derogatory information” about them they suggests they “could pose a security risk to the United States.”

Issa added:

“All of them are people of the kind of interest that they’re likely to be conspiring against the United States right now…And what’s the eventuality? The eventuality is at least one of them will succeed in something that will hurt or kill Americans.”

There’s no telling what the fallout could be from Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

Biden was billed as a “return to normalcy,” but he has been far from moderate, and his border policies and foreign policy blunders have made Americans less safe.

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