Biden tried to deflect from his tanking approval rating by discussing this crisis that he caused

Joe Biden is having a disastrous first year as President.

His radical agenda and clear mental deterioration have him barely keeping his head above water.

And recently Biden tried to deflect from his tanking approval rating by discussing this crisis that he caused.

Joe Biden doesn’t appear to understand that the state of the nation right now is his fault, not the former President’s.

Biden and his team continue to try and blame Donald Trump for everything despite the fact that Joe Biden is the one who undid all of Trump’s policies.

And Biden’s poll numbers show that the American people aren’t buying what he’s selling either.

During an interview with a Cincinnati TV station, Biden brushed off his plummeting poll numbers saying he did not run for the country’s top office because of the polls.

“Well, look, the poll I saw just before I walked in on another station was my polling number is down, but it’s 48% to 52%,” Biden said. “But look, the point is I didn’t run because of the polls.”

Biden continues to tout his Build Back Better plan as having significant impact on ordinary Americans, but anyone who has read what the plan contains knows it is a set up for disaster.

Then in one of Biden’s now commonplace bizarre moments, he tried to discuss the supply chain issue as if it wasn’t his fault.

He is blaming the supply chain for his poll numbers, but he caused the supply chain issue.

He just doesn’t seem to realize that.

“One of the problems with the supply chain is that because of COVID, we’ve had a real shortage of materials, I mean everything from food stuff to semiconductors. And a lot of the supply chain is brought into the country through our ports,” he said.

Of course, he then went on to say that his bill passed by Congress would help with the supply chain problems because it will upgrade ports.

Typical Democrat response, claiming that throwing more money at a problem – which will inevitably harm the average American – is going to fix the issue.

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