Biden resorts to suing Texas again to try and stop a law he doesn’t like from going into effect

Joe Biden continues to prove his inability to lead and how little he cares about the American people.

He also continues to prove that when he doesn’t get his way, he’ll sue you.

Just the other day, Biden resorted to suing Texas again to try and stop a law he doesn’t like from going into effect.

On Thursday, the Biden administration sued the state of Texas over new voting rules.

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott is starting to become an old pro at being sued by the Biden administration considering that is all Joe Biden does when he doesn’t like what Republicans are doing.

The lawsuit filed by the Biden administration does not go after the entire bill that was signed by Abbott back in September, but it instead targets provisions surrounding mail-in voting requirements and voter assistance, which the DOJ says violates federal civil rights protections.

Under the new Texas law, people assisting voters who need help completing their ballot must take a longer oath that now includes acknowledging a penalty of perjury.

Mail-in ballots must also now include a driver’s license number or the last four digits of a Social Security number, which Biden’s DOJ argues raises the chances of ballots being wrongly rejected and excluding some eligible voters.

Essentially Biden and his team have now taken two of Texas’ biggest conservative victories this year – the heartbeat bill and now the election law bill – to court against the federal government.

The Biden administration also sued the state of Georgia this past summer over its new voting laws.

Time is running out for the Democrats to get rid of these supposed “bad” voting laws and with Senate Republicans repeatedly blocking federal legislation by the Democrats to change election laws, Joe Biden is running out of options.

But he just keeps filing lawsuits in hopes of tying things up in court for so long that many of these things can’t move forward.

“Biden is coming after Texas for SB1, our recently enacted election integrity law. It’s a great and a much-needed bill. Ensuring Texas has safe, secure, and transparent elections is a top priority of mine. I will see you in court, Biden!” tweeted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

The Democrats can argue all they want that this is about protecting the voter, but Americans are smarter than that and they know this is about nothing more than stealing elections.

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