Biden ordered businesses to do one thing in a shockingly fascist move

Joe Biden keeps doubling down on bad policies.

And Americans are bearing the brunt of his bad decisions.

Now Biden ordered businesses to do one thing in a shockingly fascist move.

Joe Biden and the COVID regime are determined to get everyone vaccinated no matter their health status.

One of Biden’s most absurd policies was his vaccination mandate for all employers with more than 100 employees, and eventually for all businesses.

Biden has no constitutional authority to make such a move, but he’s moving full speed ahead anyway.

The Biden administration is even encouraging businesses to defy a court order that put a halt on the vaccine mandates.

CNBC reports:

The White House on Monday said businesses should move forward with President Joe Biden’s vaccine and testing requirements for private businesses, despite a federal appeals court ordering a temporary halt to the rules.

“People should not wait,” White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters during a briefing. “They should continue to move forward and make sure they’re getting their workplace vaccinated.”

Telling businesses to ignore court orders is blatantly fascist.

If Donald Trump had tried to impose his travel restriction after several injunctions from progressive judges, he would’ve been pilloried in the press as a dictator.

Instead Trump followed court orders and allowed the legal process to play out.

And in the case of Trump’s travel restrictions, he had constitutional authority to set border policy as he saw fit.

Conversely, Biden cannot mandate all businesses across the country to coerce their employees to get a medical procedure.

This is utter madness, and it’s reached the point of Biden urging businesses to ignore court rulings.

CNBC continued:

“OSHA, which polices workplace safety for the Labor Department, developed the vaccine and testing requirements under emergency authority established by Congress. That authority allows the agency to shortcut the process to issue workplace safety standards, which normally takes years . . . OSHA emergency workplace safety standards have a mixed track record in court. Prior to the vaccine requirements, the agency had issued 10 such standards in its 50-year history. Courts halted or overturned four of those standards, and a fifth was partially vacated.”

The Biden administration is going to have a devil of a time in court, plus the American people are already sick of the COVID regime.

Fear-mongering can only go so far.

Eventually even the COVID hysterics will want to get back to normal.

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