Biden once proposed legislation that horrifies today’s Democrats

The Democrat Party has moved wildly to the Left.

And Joe Biden has sheepily moved along with it.

Biden once proposed legislation that horrifies today’s Democrats.

It’s shocking to see just how radical the Democrats have become on every single issue.

In 2008, Barack Obama was against same-sex marriage.

In 1995, Democrats gave Bill Clinton a standing ovation after a fiery rant against illegal immigration.

And in 1994, Biden supported an amendment that banned the promotion of sexual activity in K-12 education.

The amendment stated that “[n]one of the funds authorize under this Act shall be used to develop materials or programs directed at youth that are designed to directly promote or encourage, sexual activity, whether homosexual or heterosexual.”

It passed 99-0 in the Senate with Biden voting in favor of it.

Ted Kennedy, the “liberal lion of the Senate,” added an amendment that barred the distribution of condoms in school, and Biden voted in favor of that, too.

The Federalist reported that “Kennedy, who had just three years before testified in a trial related to his own family sex scandal, offered a follow-up amendment to ban the distribution of condoms in public schools unless such a program had been ‘developed in consultation with parents” and provided information “concerning the health benefits of abstinence.’ The amendment passed the Senate unanimously . . . When the Senate took up the Smith-Helms amendment late in the day on August 1, 1994, Biden cast his vote in favor, joining the 62 other senators who helped pass the amendment 63 to 36.”

But now the radicals are leading the Democrat Party by the nose, and Biden is following along.

He denounced the Parental Rights in Education law recently signed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, which was slandered by the Left as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

The legislation precludes teachers from holding classroom discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity in grades K-3.

Not only are leftists vehemently opposed to the bill, some openly want to discuss sexual activity with children as young as three.

The so-called “moderate” Biden is completely along for the ride.

This is not a moderate administration and the Democrats are not a moderate party.

They have moved to the far-left on every single issue, yet they accuse Republicans of becoming “far-right.”

Republicans have simply adopted Clinton’s 1995 position on immigration, and Biden’s 1994 position on sex discussion in school.

Leftists are so accustomed to the culture moving leftward, they don’t know how to handle conservatives finally digging in their heels.

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