Biden made one statement about Ukraine that came back to bite him

Joe Biden has overseen disastrous foreign policy blunders in short order.

His botched withdrawal from Afghanistan got 12 Marines killed.

And Biden made one statement about Ukraine that came back to bite him.

The Democrats tried to sell America on the adults being back in charge.

They said Joe Biden would be a moderate voice that returns respectability to the White House.

But the Democrats sold the American people a bill of goods.

Biden has been far from moderate, and his administration has brought utter chaos to America and the world more broadly.

Back in 2019, Biden said, “Imagine what can happen in Ukraine if Donald Trump were to win re-election.”

After only a year in office, Biden’s words proved to be ominous.

People don’t have to imagine what devastation could have befallen Ukraine.

It’s happening right now in real time.

When Trump was in office, Vladimir Putin did not make a move on Ukraine.

Trump’s foreign policy instincts are similar to Ronald Reagan in that he believed in peace through strength.

Trump made it clear he would respond if foreign leaders got out of line.

Meanwhile, Biden has projected nothing but weakness and incompetence on the world stage.

Biden’s poorly executed withdrawal from Afghanistan probably had Putin salivating.

And Biden all but said Putin could make a minor incursion into Ukraine.

Many suspected Putin would stop at the Donbas region, which is effectively an independent Russian cutout in Eastern Ukraine, but he went all the way to Kyiv.

The Democrat Media Complex is now trying to spin the fact that Putin made incursions in Eastern Europe under George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Biden, but not Trump.

Their ridiculous rationale is that Trump was giving Putin everything he wanted.

First, that undercuts Biden’s warning from 2019.

Second, Trump armed Ukraine, imposed sanctions on Russia, backed out of a nuclear deal, killed 200 Russian mercenaries in a Syrian bombing, and threatened to hit the Kremlin if Putin went into Ukraine.

The media spin to defend Biden’s second massive foreign policy error is not working so far.

Recent polls show that Biden’s approval numbers are down in the 30s.

Biden is also importing natural gas from Russia after he undercut American energy independence for no good reason at all.

The Democrats are getting a crash course in why their policies are so ineffective.

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