Biden literally turned his back on the press after his statement on the abysmal job numbers

Joe Biden’s relationship with the press is on ice.

His inability to take off-script questions or converse with reporters who aren’t considered “friendly” is no longer just hearsay – it’s a very real problem.

And just the other day, Biden literally turned his back on the press after his statement on the abysmal job numbers.

Joe Biden isn’t having a great first year in office and the one area where he may have been able to secure some support – the left-wing press corps – isn’t so happy with him either.

On Friday, Biden was forced to make a statement on the horrific September jobs reports.

The numbers were so bad that even hosts on “Biden Loving CNBC” couldn’t hide their dismay when reading the report.

Biden tried to tout signs of so-called “great progress” even though the overall number missed expectations by a wide margin.

“The monthly totals bounce around,” Biden said, “but if you take a look at the trend, it’s solid.”

It was a very weak attempt at trying to spin the bad news.

At the end of his statement, Biden gave his signature “may God protect our troops” and turned around and walked away.

There was not even a chance for reporters to ask a question – not even the “friendly” reporters.

Reporters shouted after him as he walked away and much like a programmed robot, he just walked off not even giving the room a second glance.

Biden let the cat out of the bag back in August when he stated at a press conference on the Kabul attacks that he was given a list of reporters to call on during each press meeting.

“The first person I was instructed to call on was Kelly O’Donnell from NBC,” Biden stated.

The statement prompted cries from all over asking who exactly is in charge?

Clearly, Joe Biden is nothing more than a puppet if his staff is instructing him to call on and now he’s obviously being told to not even try to take questions from reporters.

Joe Biden’s mental faculties are shot – he is not fit to serve this country.

He has done more damage in less than a year than any President in this country’s history, but the Left just doesn’t care.

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