Biden just appointed one judge that will make the border crisis significantly worse

    Joe Biden clearly lied when he said he would be a moderate.

    He has littered his department with far-left radicals.

    And Biden just appointed one judge that will make the border crisis significantly worse.

    Staffing and appointments are often overlooked in terms of bringing about change.

    When radical policies can’t make it through Congress, Democrats simply hire a bunch of leftists to fill out the executive and legislative branches.

    Such is the case with Biden’s new pick, federal immigration judge, Romy Lerner.

    Independent journalist Andy Ngo uncovered that Lerner was on the board of directors for the George Soros-fund radical group Detention Watch Network, which aims to abolish border security.

    Ngo tweeted:

    Detention Watch Network is up front about its far-left views.

    On its website, the group writes, “Racism is at the core of the United States’ systems of policing, incarceration, and immigration. Local and state law encouragement and federal immigration enforcement agencies combine demonizing rhetoric and violent tactics to criminalize Black and brown people in the U.S. These agencies work together as part of a greater law enforcement infrastructure to uphold white supremacy.”

    So securing the border is actually a form of white supremacy, according to the judge who is about to be overseeing immigration cases.

    Detention Watch Network continued, “Local, state, and federal police, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have created pipelines between the criminal punishment and immigration enforcement systems that target and take people from streets, schools, and work to youth detention and local jails to prison and immigration jails. This web of deadly enforcement advances the unjust laws and policies that marginalize and harm poor communities of color.”

    A federal judge is openly calling for the end of agencies that protect the border.

    Progressives have been building this tactic of promoting wolves to guard the chicken coop.

    Judges and prosecutors are supposed to defend the community and the country, but instead their fealty is to “woke” politics.

    This is just one of many far-left picks from the Biden administration.

    Biden also nominated an admitted eco-terrorist to run the Bureau of Land Management, a racist to work in the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ, and a communist to work in the Treasury Department.

    Americans can only handle so much “moderation.”

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