Biden is taking steps that could force Justice Clarence Thomas into an early retirement

The only branch of government where conservatives still hold power is the Supreme Court.

Unfortunately, that could change if Biden has his way.

And Biden is currently taking steps that could force Justice Clarence Thomas into an early retirement.

Recently, Joe Biden announced the formation of a commission that would study so-called “reforms” on the Supreme Court.

Biden spent months leading up to the Presidential election refusing to reveal his position on packing the Supreme Court with as many as six new liberal justices.

And now this.

Ellie Gardy over at the Daily Caller wrote on this recent announcement by the President and called it nothing more than blackmail.

Gardy wrote that Biden would hold recommendations to alter the Supreme Court’s makeup over Chief Justice John Roberts’ head as a threat to force the conservative justices to rule in the President’s favor.

“President Joe Biden has issued a thinly veiled threat to Chief Justice John Roberts in the form of a new commission that will study Supreme Court reform. The threat is clear: if Roberts doesn’t limit the court’s conservative influence on key issues like abortion, gun rights, and immigration, Democrats will pack the court.  In other words, “Nice court ya got there, it would be a shame if something happened to it,” said Gardy.

Barack Obama used this same bullying strategy back in 2012, and it paid off for him.

Then-President Obama repeatedly warned the justices not to overturn the law as they got ready to hand down their decision on the Obamacare individual mandate’s constitutionality.

Eventually, the pressure got too much for Chief Justice John Roberts. He folded, changing his vote from striking down the Obamacare mandate to upholding the law.

It is possible that Biden’s commission could recommend Congress pass term limits for Supreme Court justices.

Term limiting the justices would most certainly force out conservative Clarence Thomas, who is currently the longest-serving justice.  It would be the first time any member of the Supreme Court was forced into mandatory retirement.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story. 

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