Biden is set to extend mask mandates in public places as the Left just can’t get enough of them

Joe Biden and the Left love unconstitutional mandates and controlling people through fear.

Regardless of actual science clearly showing that the tyrannical lockdowns and mandated vaccines aren’t working the Left keeps pushing for more.

Now Biden is set to extend mask mandates in public places as the Left just can’t get enough of them.

A new variant of COVID has been discovered and the Left is ecstatic!

A new variant means they can institute more lockdowns, force more vaccines, and scare more Americans into doing what they demand of them.

According to reports, Joe Biden is set to extend mask mandates for domestic flights and on public transportation in response to the Omicron variant.

Mask mandates on planes, trains, and buses were expected to be lifted on January 18, but Joe Biden has announced that they will be extended to March of 2022 because of this new strain of the COVID virus.

This latest strain was first discovered in Africa, which spurred immediate travel bans from the country to the U.S. and caused ultra-liberal New York Governor Hochul to reinstitute numerous tyrannical lockdowns and mandates – including on elective surgeries – despite not a single case being reported in the U.S.

To add to the absurdity of the whole thing, the doctor who discovered the first case of the Omicron virus came out publicly and said she didn’t believe the strain to be all that dangerous and said the symptoms were “unusual” but “mild.”

But that’s not what Joe Biden and Dr. Fauci want Americans to hear.

Democrats, along with Fauci, continue to try and instill fear in the American people so they can control them with lockdowns and mask mandates.

This was the same response to the supposedly vicious delta variant a few months back that clearly never caught on the way the Left wanted it to.

Right now it looks as if most Americans are laughing at the Omicron variant more than they were the Delta variant, so it’s likely this one won’t spur the mass lockdowns and mandates that COVID did when this all first began.

At some point, Biden and Fauci need to realize that Americans aren’t buying it anymore.

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