Biden is an utter embarrassment and this humiliating video proves it

Joe Biden has the Democrats panicking going into the midterms.

His sinking poll numbers and disastrous Presidency are causing Democrats in Congress to retire in order to avoid the impending red wave.

There’s no denying Biden is an utter embarrassment and this humiliating video proves it.

Joe Biden’s first year as President went horribly for the country.

He bungled the economy and spurred the worst inflationary crisis in 39 years.

His solution to the problem is even more government inflation.

During one bumbling public address, Biden said he would lower costs in the meatpacking industry with more regulation.

Biden did not mention that industries are able to form cartels because of government regulations, not in absence of them.

Major corporations work with lobbyists to write the rules in their favor.

If Biden really wants prices to come down, he could eliminate burdensome regulations that put undue costs onto smaller competitors.

In 2021, Congressman Thomas Massie introduced legislation to solve the problem with his PRIME Act.

Massie said:

“Consumers want to know where their food comes from, what it contains, and how it’s processed. Yet, federal inspection requirements make it difficult to purchase food from trusted, local farmers . . . It is time to open our markets to give producers the freedom to succeed and consumers the freedom to choose.”

Getting government out of the way will invariably bring down costs that put the boot on smaller competitors, and it will lower prices for consumers on the back end.

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D-Maine) co-sponsored the PRIME Act and said:

“Congress must act to make it easier for local farms to compete with these big meat companies and make locally raised livestock processing more widely available. A farmer in Maine shouldn’t have to drive hours to get to a USDA-inspected processing facility when other safe options are available. I’m proud to join Congressman Massie in introducing the bipartisan PRIME Act, which will change federal regulations to help make local meat processing easier.”

Unfortunately, Biden’s interventions could only make the problem worse for local competitors in the industry.

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