Beto O’Rourke humiliated himself again with another ridiculous flip-flop

    Beto O’Rourke is one of the phoniest politicians in current-day politics.

    He believes in nothing and has no core message.

    And O’Rourke humiliated himself again with another ridiculous flip-flop.

    Beto O’Rourke is a soulless politician in pursuit of an agenda.

    The Democratic challenger for Governor of Texas has shifted his position on so many topics in hopes of latching onto the fad of the day.

    When he was trying to gain traction in the Democrat Presidential Primary, he said, “Hell yes,” he wants to take away people’s rifles.

    Later, he realized it would be stupid to run for Governor of Texas on a platform of gun-grabbing.

    Now O’Rourke has flipped his position on Title 42, a CDC guideline that allowed border patrol to turn away migrants due to COVID.

    Joe Biden announced that he would allow Title 42, a provision put in place under Donald Trump that helped curb the flood of illegal immigration into the country, to expire.

    Many people, including Democrats in purple districts, warned Biden that nixing Title 42 would overwhelm border communities.

    One of those people was O’Rourke, who argued, “It does not make sense to end this until there is a real plan and the capacity in place to handle those and address those that come over . . . I have yet to hear a plan from the Biden administration to address the dynamic we will have on the border once Title 42 ends.”

    It was a stunningly cogent argument from O’Rourke, which is why it was bound not to last.

    Only a few short weeks later, O’Rourke reversed himself and said, “I think it is time to end Title 42. I don’t think we should [have ever] implemented it. It is a cynical reading of U.S. laws that have done nothing to improve public health or safety. When I listen to Border Patrol agents, they tell me it increases the number of migrants crossing and increase more chaos because . . . those agents are forced to turn away those migrant seekers [instead] of processing them and detaining them or applying them asylum. They are crossing again and again every single day of the week.”

    It’s truly amazing how O’Rourke could change his opinion so dramatically in such a short amount of time.

    O’Rourke added, “The challenge for the Biden administration is to make sure we have the capacity in our border communities to process those who’ll now be able to lawfully claim or seek to claim asylum in this country. When you listen to mayors and sheriffs in the communities like Del Rio, Texas, they don’t have the capacity to handle this right now. I now know the administration can come up with something . . . [Y]es, it is time to end Title 42. Let’s make sure we are doing it responsibly.”

    Voters are getting sick of these types of platitudes from the Democrats.

    Border communities have said over and over that they simply do not have the bandwidth to handle massive influxes of people.

    This is one reason of many as to why O’Rourke will get trounced in his bid for Governor.

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