Barbra Streisand just got called out for spreading this one big lie about Democrats and abortion

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Democrats frequently accuse conservatives of spreading lies and so-called “misinformation” online.

But in reality it’s the far-Left radicals who flood the Internet with outrageous claims about Donald Trump and his supporters.

And Barbra Streisand just got called out for spreading this one big lie about Democrats and abortion.

The Supreme Court’s decision last year to overturn Roe v. Wade catapulted the issue of abortion to the forefront of the national debate.

Democrats and the left-wing media erupted into a frenzy after the ruling and vowed to codify abortion into federal law.

They also began looking for ways to skirt the ruling and keep the abortion mills open, including using military bases as a workaround to the law.

But the majority of Americans do not agree with the Left’s position of allowing abortion up until birth and sometimes after.

That’s why left-wing activists are trying to gaslight Americans into believing this is just a Republican lie.

Left-wing singer Barbra Streisand accused Republicans of lying about the Democrats’ position on abortion in a recent post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“The Republicans continue to lie about abortion by saying the Democrats favor it up until birth,” Streisand wrote. “NOT TRUE!! Democrats want the safe, 5 decade return of Roe that the GOP Justices overthrew.”

Of course, Streisand’s claim is flat-out wrong.

“Several Democrat-run states have no limits on abortion, and Democrats have supported federal legislation that would allow abortion through all nine months of the mother’s pregnancy,” Breitbart reported, before adding that “several states run by Democrats, such as Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, D.C., do not have any restrictions on abortion.”

Some Democrat states, such as New York, Illinois, and California, even allow abortion up to “viability” and later in pregnancy with exceptions like the mother believing that her “mental health” is in jeopardy.

Not only that, but Democrats also introduced the Women’s Health Protection Act in Congress, which would federally legalize abortion through all nine months of pregnancy.

Abortion is a sacred right in the Democrat Party.

Any restriction for any reason is attacked and smeared as harmful to women and minorities.

And this is a position that most Americans do not line up with the Left on.

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