Barbara Streisand saw one video of Joe Biden and had this jaw-dropping reaction

VOA, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Barbara Streisand is Hollywood royalty.

The singer, actress, and songwriter is also one of the legendary liberals in Hollywood.

And now Barbara Streisand saw one video of Joe Biden and had this jaw-dropping reaction.

Streisand reacts to disturbing video of Biden at the G-7

Barbara Streisand won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in Funny Girl.

Streisand topped the charts with albums like The Way We Were.

“Babs” also served as the inspiration for Mike Myers’ portrayal of Linda Richmond in the early 1990s on the iconic Saturday Night Live skit, “Coffee Talk.”

Streisand is also known for her stridently liberal politics.

And Streisand immediately involved herself in the fracas over videos of Joe Biden’s cognitive decline.

Questions about Biden’s senility are reaching critical mass after a disastrous trip to Italy for the G-7 summit, where multiple videos showed a confused Biden wandering around aimlessly.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni had to constantly herd Joe Biden back into the group of world leaders like a mom corralling an unfocused child.

Streisand quickly adopted the line whipped up by the White House that these videos were fake and called on the media to censor them.

“The NY Post is printing lies about President Biden. No other media outlets should amplify its disinformation,” Streisand posted on X.

Streisand demanded the media censor the video because there is such a thing known as the “Streisand Effect,” where demands for censorship only serve to lead to greater exposure to the object of censorship.

The Streisand Effect

Britannica defines the Streisand Effect as the “phenomenon in which an attempt to censor, hide, or otherwise draw attention away from something only serves to attract more attention to it.”

The Streisand Effect came into the public consciousness thanks to a 2003 lawsuit brought by Streisand over pictures of the California coastline that accidentally displayed her home.

Fans and stalkers harassed Streisand for years, so she jealously guarded her privacy. 

“Streisand’s lawsuit was filed against photographer Kenneth Adelman, the founder of the California Coastal Records Project, for which he photographed the coastline of the state from a helicopter and posted the photos to the Internet,” Britannica wrote.

But the lawsuit backfired big time as Streisand going to court turned the picture into a news story, which led to tens of thousands of people seeing a picture that only a small handful previously knew existed.

“The lawsuit was highly publicized, and a flurry of interest and activity followed. In the month after the filing, the photo was viewed more than 400,000 times and reposted on news sites and elsewhere on the Internet,” Britannica added.

If anyone should know that a celebrity going public with their demands that the media not share videos or pictures will only lead to people wanting to see what all the fuss is about, it’s Barbara Streisand.