Barack Obama just completely humiliated himself by sinking to this new low to try and excite Democrats

Democrats are pulling out all the stops to try and stop the Red Wave.

They’ve even pulled out the once popular Barack Obama to try and help.

But Obama just completely humiliated himself by sinking to this new low to try and excite Democrats.

Things don’t look good for the Democrats.

Their prospects look so bad, they are having to spend money now to try and defend against Republicans in Deep Blue Oregon, Connecticut, and Illinois.

And Senate races in Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania that once seemed safe for Democrats are now looking like Republican wins.

Republicans also now have better than average chances to take Democrat held Senate seats in Nevada, New Hampshire, and Colorado.

All of this means that in addition to the GOP taking control of the House, it is looking more and more evident that the Republicans will take the Senate back as well.

So Democrats are scrambling to stop the Red Tsunami from completely wiping out their party.

They’ve been twisting donor arms to try and catch up to the GOP fundraising machine.

And they’ve called on their “stars” to come out and campaign for weaker than expected Democrat candidates.

And no star shone brighter in past years than the old community organizer himself, Barack Obama.

And the former President has now officially joined other Democrats who are using TikTok personalities to promote their agenda. 

In a last-ditch get-out-the-vote attempt for the Democrats, Obama was featured in a TikTok video with content creator Vitus Spehar. 

Spehar, who goes only by “V,” is the host of “Under The Desk News,” a bizarre TikTok show that “offers 60 second daily wrap ups of current events, political analysis, and special interest stories ‘explained.'”

Obama used his TikTok appearance to urge people to register to vote and of course to support Democrats.

And Obama was not afraid to get specific telling viewers they have to vote Democrat to enact new climate restrictions, more gun control laws, and expand abortion.

“Here’s the thing: you can stay [under my desk] for now, but when it comes time for voting you’re going to have to get up,” Obama said.

The former President continued, “You got climate change legislation on the ballot, you got gun safety. And, when we can elect more pro-choice members of Congress, we can reinstitute [sic] Roe v. Wade as the law of the land. So, you can’t stay here, you’re going to have to take a little bit of time to vote.” 

Obama’s TikTok appearance was shared by the wildly popular Libs of TikTok on Twitter, where they mocked Obama and other Democrats who are using the Communist Chinese-affiliated platform to promote their radical agenda to young people. 

In their Tweet, Libs of TikTok wrote, “Obama has officially joined in the Democrats’ new fool-proof plan for whenever they need to push an agenda . . . Collaborating with TikTokers . . .” 

“Now Obama is participating on TikTok, a legitimate national security threat,” wrote Stephen l. Miller, a contributing editor at The Spectator

Recent reports have accused TikTok’s Communist Chinese parent company, ByteDance, of tracking individual Americans’ locations through its short-form video app. 

And Republican lawmakers launched an investigation into allegations that TikTok shares user data with its Chinese parent company. 

Most recently, an FCC commissioner has called for the banning of TikTok in the U.S.

But for the Democrats, none of that is a problem. 

They don’t even really believe in national security anyway.

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