Barack Obama is running for cover after this ad reveals how little he really cares about fair elections

Joe Biden’s unpopularity has Democrats sweating bullets.

They have already begun complaining about the midterm elections on the horizon.

Now Barack Obama is running for cover after this ad reveals how little he really cares about fair elections.

Democrats are panicking about the midterm elections.

All available evidence suggests they are bracing for a red wave in 2022.

That’s why they’re fighting so hard to radically alter election laws.

Democrats are also complaining about the practice of gerrymandering, but they ignore the fact that their party redraws maps as well.

Barack Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder have hypocritically railed against gerrymandering, giving the impression that only Republican legislatures do it.

One brutal political ad effectively called out Democrats on the issue.

The website 538, run by liberal statistician Nate Silver, showed that the Democrats have picked up seven House seats through redistricting, and Republicans have only picked one, although the GOP is poised to regain the majority because the Democrats already control the seven new safe districts.

RINO Adam Kinzinger of Illinois found out the hard way about Democratic redistricting.

He operated under the foolish assumption that the Democrat-controlled state legislature would allow him to keep his seat if he attacked Donald Trump and the GOP hard enough, but his gambit failed.

Kinzinger announced that he would not seek re-election after getting redrawn into a Democrat-leaning district.

But there are over two dozen Democrats that will not be seeking re-election for fear of getting smacked in the midterms.

Even Nancy Pelosi is set to retire because she does not want to be in minority leadership again.

It’s no surprise that Democrats would hide the truth about gerrymandering.

The Democrat Media Complex is trying to create the perception that Democrats care about the democratic process, and Republicans are undermining it.

In reality, it’s the Democrats that have shown not to care about election integrity and democratic norms.

They’re attempting to kill the filibuster—a Senate procedure that they have called a Jim Crow relic—even though they used it just last week.

And the Democrats are fighting against voter ID laws even though 80% of Americans and 62% of Democrats are in favor of them.

Biden’s legislative agenda is failing so he and the Democrats are relying on lies and media manipulation in order to maintain power.

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