Attorney General Merrick Garland is defending his memo that criminalizes parents and the reason why will shock you

Joe Biden promised not to politicize the Department of Justice, but he lied.

Biden and his Attorney General Merrick Garland politicized the DOJ so fast that it made people’s heads spin.

And now Garland is defending his memo that criminalizes parents and the reason why will shock you.

Parents across the country have risen up against Biden and radical left-wing Attorney General Merrick Garland after the release of a memo comparing parents to domestic terrorists for voicing their opinions in school board meetings.

Never before has America seen so many local school board meetings make the front page news.

While testifying in front of the Senate Judicial Committee, Garland made it clear that he has no intention of taking back what he said in the memo.

Republicans are insisting that the Attorney General immediately issue an apology and change the language of the memo, but Garland is saying no.

Parents are infuriated by what Garland’s memo said and are demanding action.

When asked about the memo and why he is refusing to rescind it Garland said the DOJ’s job is to protect the American people.

“The obligation of the Justice Department is to protect the American people against violence and threats of violence and that particularly includes public officials,” Garland stated.

Garland says that he believes parents have the right to express their concerns during school board meetings but that his main concern is violence at the meetings.

When asked to state the number of violent incidents that have occurred at the hands of parents during these meetings, he said he didn’t have a count.

Joe Biden and his radically leftist administration are out of control and they need to be stopped.

To equate parents upset with what they’re children are being taught to a domestic terrorist is absurd and Garland should be forced to rescind his statement.

Of course, it’s far easier for the Left to take complete control when they’ve got parents who want to fight for the rights of their own children locked away in jail.

Joe Biden’s America is looking very communist these days.

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