AOC is getting roasted for making this ridiculous comment about Texas

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has a horrible reputation of sticking her foot in her mouth.

Just a few weeks ago, she claimed that Republicans like to criticize her because they’re, “mad they can’t date me.”

And while that may certainly be one of her cringiest comments to date, it is not the one that’s inspired this latest round of Republican ridicule.

On the campaign trail for Texas Democrats Greg Casar and Jessica Cisneros, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez said, “Here’s what’s exciting about Jessica’s race and Greg’s race, is that if we flip Texas, we flip the country… Texas turning blue is inevitable. The only question is when.”

But the congresswoman from New York was not filling these delusional Democrats with false hope, she continued, “The work that you put in today, the work that you put in tomorrow, the work that you put in on Monday — when you go one more door when you’re tired, when you make one more call, when you feel exhausted. You’re bringing that day one day sooner, one day faster…We are going to fight for a living wage, we are going to make sure we unionize the hell out of this state… and we’re going to make sure that not one dime is made exploitatively across any worker, especially the undocumented.”

Ordinarily, we could dismiss these comments as a publicity stunt to gain media attention, something we all know AOC craves.

However, in 2020, President Trump only won the state with 52.1 percent of the vote.

And in 2019, Senator Ted Cruz expressed his concerns about the lone star state falling out of Republican hands.

Senator Cruz told the Christian Science Monitor, “If we lose Texas, it’s game over…I don’t believe Texas will turn blue, but central to that is we’re going to have to work to communicate and turn people out.”

But now, liberals from California, New York, and other blue states with Lockdown Leftist governors have fled to Texas for less taxes and more freedom.

And unfortunately, they’ve packed their politics along with them.

Will it be enough to actually turn the state blue?

Representative Dan Crenshaw & President Trump don’t believe so.

When asked about AOC’s latest claims on Fox News’ morning show Fox & Friends, Rep. Crenshaw responded by saying, “It is not turning blue anytime soon.”

And President Trump, during a recent Texas rally, said, “Nine months from now, the people of this state are going to send a thundering message. You’re going to tell them ‘don’t mess with Texas,’ because Texas is never, ever turning blue.”

So who is right, AOC or President Trump & Rep. Dan Crenshaw?

Will Texas remain ruby red or will it turn blue?

No one knows for sure.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for more updates to this ongoing story.

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