Anthony Fauci is panicking after he was hit with this major lawsuit

Anthony Fauci thought he was going to ride off into the sunset.

But his world was turned upside down.

Now Anthony Fauci is panicking after he was hit with this major lawsuit.

Dr. Anthony Fauci abruptly changed his retirement plans from the government to this December in his role as President Joe Biden’s chief medical advisor and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

Previously, Fauci promised to serve out Biden’s first term in office.

With Republicans expected to retake control of one of the chambers of Congress after the Midterm elections, speculation grew that Fauci was trying to get ahead of a promised GOP investigation into his handling of the pandemic.

Now, Fauci has another major problem on his hands after he was ordered to testify as part of a federal lawsuit.

The pandemic saw a disturbing collusion between Big Tech and the government to censor critics of the Fauci-led public health response.

Under the Biden regime, the cozy relationship grew tighter with regime officials openly calling on Big Tech to censor political opponents.

In May, Missouri Attorney General Erich Schmitt (R) and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry (R) sued the Biden regime claiming the government officials colluded with Big Tech to censor topics like the pandemic and election integrity.

A federal judge in Louisiana ruled there was “good cause” for the Attorneys General to go through the legal process of discovery giving them the ability to go on a fact-finding mission to get to the bottom of this disturbing collusion.

The Biden regime objected to regime officials like Fauci and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre from testifying in the lawsuit.

But U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty smacked down the regime’s request and now Fauci will have to answer “interrogatories” from the Republican Attorneys General.

Judge Doughty said “the requested information is obviously very relevant” to the Biden-Big Tech collusion lawsuit.

Fauci’s communications with Big Tech about “alleged suppression of speech relating to the lab-leak theory of COVID-19’s origin, and to alleged suppression of speech about the efficiency of masks and COVID-19 lockdowns” was cited by Judge Doughty as relevant information.

Big Tech acted as an enforcer for Fauci, censoring critics of the lab-leak theory and his pandemic response.

Fauci worked directly with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg to carry out a propaganda campaign on Facebook for draconian pandemic restrictions.

Zuckerberg also supplied Fauci with data from the company that was used to push for lockdowns.

Fauci will also have to answer interrogatories from the Attorneys General about his role as director of the NIAID.

The judge gave Fauci 21 days to turn over the requested information.

The lawsuit by the Republican Attorneys General is the first of many problems for Anthony Fauci to grapple with ahead of a potential GOP-led Congressional investigation.

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