Another lockdown could be on the horizon after this county made a jaw-dropping decision

Americans have been looking forward to returning to normalcy in 2021.

But that may still be a while off.

That’s because another lockdown could be on the horizon after this county made a jaw-dropping decision.

The coronavirus panic has been all but over for the past couple months.

Small businesses have been opening back up, concert venues have been resurrected, and local recreation has been back on the rise.

All across the country, Americans have had the pandemic in their rearview mirror.

Of course, this isn’t what the Lockdown Left wants for the public.

They want to hold on to their power over Americans for as long as they can blame it on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

And that’s exactly what happened recently as Los Angeles county reportedly rolled back their loosening restrictions and imposed yet another mask mandate on their citizens.

US News & World Report writes:

The rapid and sustained increase in cases in Los Angeles County requires restoring an indoor mask mandate, said Dr. Muntu Davis, public health officer for the county’s 10 million people. The public health order will go into effect just before midnight Saturday.

‘This is an all-hands-on-deck moment,’ Davis said during a virtual news conference.

Davis said officials will focus on education rather than enforcement. Handing out citations to people who don’t comply is “not something we really want to have to do,” he said.

Los Angeles County has been recording more than 1,000 new cases each day for a week, and there is now “substantial community transmission,” Davis said. On Thursday, there were 1,537 new cases, and hospitalizations have now topped 400.

Proponents of more lockdowns parrott from the rooftops that the majority of new cases are from unvaccinated individuals.

However, that’s largely due to the fact that half of the United States population is simply unwilling to subject themselves to an experimental vaccination that was largely untested before being administered en masse.

On top of that, if half of the population is unwilling to receive the vaccination, why should Americans be forced to rewind the clock to being under lockdown like they were in 2020?

Combine that with Joe Biden’s “door-to-door” canvassing plan to propagandize the vaccine like it’s a 1950s vacuum cleaner, and you have yourself a classic case of government overreach.

Ultimately it’s not the government’s decision to make regarding an individual’s vaccination status as it relates to COVID-19 – or any vaccination for anything else for that matter.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story. 

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