An unhinged leftist blamed one horrific attack on something infuriating

Violent crime is on the rise across the nation.

And the Left always find a scapegoat other than their bad policies.

Now an unhinged leftist blamed one horrific attack on something infuriating.

Leftists are still furious over the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse.

They were outraged over the fact that self defense is still allowed in America.

But only days after the verdict, the Left have been much more measured regarding the horrific car attack in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Accused mass murderer Darrell Brooks killed at least six and injured 60 more when he plowed his vehicle into a crowd of residents at a Christmas parade.

Perhaps the worst take on the Left came from an attorney named Shane Ferro, who was more interested in blaming the SUV Brooks drove instead of the lax bail policies that allowed him on the street despite an extensive rap sheet including several violent crimes.

The Western Journal reports:

“Even the woke DA thought the approach was wrong in the case of the Waukesha massacre suspect. What more is there to say on the matter? Plenty, if you’re Shane Ferro, a progressive criminal justice reformer and a staff attorney with a New York City public defenders agency, according to her LinkedIn profile. A Columbia Law graduate, she previously wrote for Business Insider, HuffPost and Reuters. She also tweets prolifically (and influentially) about criminal justice reform, with more than 13,000 followers on Twitter…Ferro’s take? If we just spent a little more time reducing the number of SUVs on the road, we would have stood a better chance of averting the Waukesha tragedy than if Brooks’ bail had been higher.”

Ferro Tweeted (then later deleted after a barrage of criticism):

“What if instead of asking whether a tiny bit more jail would have fixed this person we ask whether fewer cars (SUVs) in America would lead to fewer people killed?”

Ferro’s Tweet offers a window into the twisted mind of a radical leftist.

It’s not the bad policies or the individual – it’s the cars.

Leftists have been on a crusade to end cash bail.

The problem is progressives don’t have any answers for repeat criminals who fail to appear in court.

It’s one slap on the wrist after another.

Soft-on-crime policies are not new – they turned New York City into a squalid hellscape for decades.

Blue cities, particularly on the west coast, are now experiencing their own leftist-inspired spikes in crime and have no one to blame but themselves and the criminals they’ve let loose on the streets.

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